Why Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant Are Becoming Omnipresent
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Why Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant Are Becoming Omnipresent

Hey Alexa. Hey Google. There’s a war going on between Google and Amazon’s assistants and the products that run them. For the past year or so, they were contained to things like smart speakers, such as the Google Home and the Amazon Echo. But now, Amazon and Google are partnering with companies that are building the assistants into everything from smart mirrors to lawnmowers and they’re all coming to the market now. Just a couple of years ago, neither Google nor Amazon had a booth at CES. Now, this year, their presence was everywhere. Google even had a roller coaster. And the message was clear. Amazon and Google are competing to be in every aspect of our lives. But here’s a question, do we want them there? And the battle’s only heating up in 2019. Google said that by the end of January, Google Assistant will be on more than 1 billion devices. And that’s up from more than 500 million in May. Google now has more than 1,600 partners and specifically 10,000 smart home devices running Google Assistant because most of the 1 billion are from Android phones with Google Assistant pre-installed. And Google Assistant’s built into all sorts of things like smart door locks, a coffee maker, an instant pot, headphones and home security cameras. Amazon also had a huge presence at CES, where a lot of device makers introduced products with Alexa built in. Amazon said just before the show that it has sold more than 100 million Amazon Alexa devices. There are more than 28,000 smart home products from 4,500 brands that support Amazon Alexa too. There’s even a toilet from Kohler with Alexa built in. You can ask Alexa to flush, play music, lift the lid, warm up the seat or to check traffic before you leave for work. And speaking of smart assistants, Amazon and Google both have assistants that can help you protect your home. Amazon’s brand, Ring, has a home security system which works with Amazon Alexa and Google’s brand, Nest, also has a home security system which works with Google Assistant. Whether you want them to or not, Amazon and Google are becoming nearly omnipresent. Since Alexa and Google learn from what you ask of them, that means Amazon and Google are able to learn more than ever about you and your habits. And for them, that’s big business.


  • Cliente Promedio

    I like the concept of a smart home… but everything has a limit where if you pass it you breach privacy or stupidity.

  • Pipe2DevNull

    I would rather they sell robots that do all these things. Then if you want privacy you can tell the robot to go away for awhile.

  • Michael A

    So this isn't concerning in the least; seems like youtube/google is once again blocking my comments from appearing. Took a few tries before this post appeared. It's pathetic and depressing how eager and excited the indoctrinated masses are to put these "smart" devices into their homes, and actually pay money for them. Who'd of imagined that people would willingly put 1984-style listening devices into their own private spaces and homes, sacrifice all privacy, and allow big tech and big data corporations to collect insane amounts of information about their personal lives in order to market more garbage towards them, all for the sake of convenience. Are these trendy techie people so lazy that they can't be bothered to flush their own excrement down the toilet, and need to ask the toilet to do it for them?! Obviously the next logical step in this technology will involve devices that can read your mind, because its just so darn difficult to have to ask the toilet to flush for you.

  • Charles Yeo

    They want to make the assistant the main interface to the internet. Moving away from browsers. Too bad Amazon have less international reach compared to Google

  • Monet Staats

    My security system is compatible with my alexa & im obsessed with turning the lights on and off hahaha. securityallstar.com

  • Josh Washington

    Do we want these? Well I sure do. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the trillion types of 'security camera' features everyone appears to be all 'for'. I am not that paranoid to need a giant security system lol.
    Nevertheless, I would like to live in a house that has pure automation. I'd like to unlock the door of my house, walk in and all the lights come on to a preset lighting (When previously off to conserve electricity, keeping my costs lower). I'd like to say a wake-word and then to ask for a cup of coffee and out comes the coffee while putting down my bag for work. I'd like to grab that cup of coffee and say a wake word again while walking to the TV and say "Play netflix" and then have the ability to control it with ease (without the wait of whatever it may be powering on and logging in). I'd like to be able to preheat a shower without being near the shower (u by moen) or wash my hands and dishes without needing to turn on a knob (making it easier to keep clean). I'd like to be able to wake up in the morning and glance to my left, WITHOUT NEEDING MY PHONE, and seeing an accurate real-time forecast of the weather, without having to wait until a specific time for this to display on a TV. I'd like to get ready for work, and while shaving, the mirror displays traffic patterns so I can see what route to take to work. I like all the conveniences that comes WITH smart-home automation. I'm sure the majority of humanity would, too, if they become more cost effective. I can see in the next 10 years, these ideas become a standard of living and we finally move toward an electronic-lifestyle. This comes with the added cost of information security, as now since 'big companies' would be making this (for example, think of Facebook recently last year), my major concern would be our privacy and the implications of 'big data analytics' coming into play. The only thought against this 'smart home devices' really is this, and to that I have to reply with 'Welcome to the last 80 years', where companies have done this over and over again in other industries. It's something we have to change with our society, not with our technology.
    Anyway, my point: Smart home automation and 'smart assistants' are, in my opinion, the future. I can see this becoming something that really changes how our lives work, and brings a whole new way to view things, something that we can actually say 'the future is now' with.

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