Why Audiobooks are Great Ways to Make Money From Amazon

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you get to ask questions, so thank you for that. This week we’re going to be talking about
how to make Amazon pay you additional royalties. Wow, isn’t that amazing? Last weekend we talked about Alexa skills
and flash briefings and I’m still so jazzed about that. You’re going to be hearing more about that
from me for sure. Isn’t Amazon just amazing? I mean, I started publishing books, self publishing
books in 2010, 2011 and it was a really great time to get involved with Amazon and publishing
books because you can literally write a book on anything. And it was so hard not to make money. It was so hard. These days it’s a little bit tougher because
of the competition. The marketplace has really, really changed
because of the competition. So what happens is that the cream rises to
the top. So anytime you want to write a book now until
forever, you’re going to have to be producing very, very high quality books, unique books,
books that are saying something different, bring some new perspective, bringing a, just
a new thing to the world that people haven’t already heard and seen already. You can’t just recreate something that’s already
out there or be a copycat because people aren’t going to fall for it anymore. And whereas you used to be able to just do
that and you would make sales, the customers are getting savvier and the level, the playing
field is going up and up and up as we can see. Amazon is still awesome because it’s like
a place where you can put your creativity in all different formats, in digital format,
like written format, product format. So if you create a product, if you have an
invention or maybe you resell some type of product, create something like a graphical,
graphic product, graphical, is that a word? Graphics though, like a painting or a canvas
or photograph you can sell on Amazon. You can sell clothing on Amazon. You can sell so much on Amazon and it’s a
real benefit to anyone who sells anything because Amazon obviously brings the heat. They bring us people. We don’t have to go and find those people
ourselves. They’ll just go to Amazon and they’ll kind
of just come to us, which is really nice. And this week we’re going to be talking about
how Amazon’s going to pay us royalties with another form of content that we can create
and that is audio content. Especially if you’re a content creator, if
you’re an author, a book writer or whatever. It makes so much sense to have your book in
the audio format. You’ve already done all the hard work, you’ve
already written the book, and now just take the next step to get your book in an audible
format. A lot of the times, and I’m sure you’ve seen
this when you’re going to buy books, and just the manner of buying books as a book buyer
is really interesting these days. Meaning you have so many different options
on how you can consume that content. Do you want the physical book? Do you want the Kindle book, both the physical
and the digital or do you want to listen to the book now? That’s another option. And sometimes when you’re buying the book,
Amazon gives you kind of like a deal. They say, “Oh, get the audio version for five
bucks more,” or however much it is. And there are a lot of people that actually
opt to get the audio version of your book. And now because Amazon now owns the audio
book component, it’s so easy for them to just have a nice bundle together so that people
are now not only buying the Kindle book or the physical book, but they’re now adding
on as an add on that audio book when they don’t really feel like maybe reading or they
want to switch back and forth. There are people that only prefer buying audio
books. They won’t even look at the book or look into
buying a book if the audiobook isn’t available. I used to be one of those people actually. I only used to listen to books. The only way I really consume books is through
my phone. I’m not one of those people who buy physical
books anymore just because I don’t have the room for it and I do a lot better, for me
personally, I do a lot better reading on my phone than I do an actual book. There are those people who will get that bundle
or, and/or just get the audio version of the book. Now, I did a training this week with Derek
Doepker. He is like the genius when it comes to creating
audio books. He just figured it out one day and it was,
this was years ago. I remember working with him and discussing
this with him. He’s an awesome person. He’s a bestselling author and he teaches really,
really great stuff and he actually goes through the statistics and on how the numbers are
growing when it comes to audio books. He also says that this is like the cutting
edge time. Now, the cool thing that he talks about in
the workshop that we did at was the fact that he said one of his best
practices when he writes a book is actually to read it out loud. And he reads it out loud to catch errors that
even when he reads it silently and when an editor reads it those errors are missed. He always finds errors when he reads the book
out loud. So what about syncing those two tasks together? Reading your book out loud to catch any mistakes
and also reading it out loud to get the audio version of your book. Very smart, right? And he also talks about how you can actually
on a low budget record your audio yourself. If you are going to hire somebody to do the
audio for you, well you’re hiring somebody and then you have to pay for that. And he says that that is a good idea if you
think you’re going to make your money back, which you probably will if you have the audio
version of your book, but it might be way more beneficial for you to record the audio
yourself because you have much more of a connection with your audience when they’re actually listening
to your voice and not a narrator’s voice. Can you remember a book that you listened
to that was read by author versus a narrator? And I can tell you both sides of it and I’ll
tell you where it really makes a difference. I prefer listening to audio books by the author
when it’s some kind of nonfiction or autobiography. So my favorite audio book of all time was
a Sarah Silverman’s, I don’t remember the exact title, but it was about her being a
bed wetter when she was growing up. It was so powerful because she told all her
own story. She read her book. If somebody else was reading her book, yeah,
it might’ve been funny, but it was much more funny because it was from her own voice. It was like she was talking to me. And I would walk around, get exercise and
listen to Sarah Silverman, crack me up, whatever. I listened to her book. If I’m listening to like a fiction book or
maybe it’s another, it’s a book where I’m not quite so sure who the author is or I’m
not as close to the author or don’t know their personal story or whatever, it might not make
as big of a difference or impact. But as I say that, it’s kind of interesting
because if I didn’t know the author too well and then I listened to that author tell me
a story or read their book and tell their own experiences, how much closer would I feel
to that author if that was in his or her own voice rather than a narrator’s voice? So you can see the power of this almost immediately. If you do it yourself, Derek tells you how
you don’t have to spend a ton of money on equipment. You don’t need to hire any fancy studios or
anything like that. You can just do it in the comfort of your
own home. And he tells you how to do it. He actually shows you on the webinar how to
do it step by step. And then of course he offers a way that you
can do it with him and he actually checks your work before you record the whole thing
to let you know if it’s good or not. So I would definitely check out that workshop
that we did, and you will see that training. It was really good. If anything you could just see how awesome
Derek is and how he just created his system and making Amazon pay you additional royalties. It’s a no brainer to get your content onto
Amazon in all formats. In the Kindle format, which is the digital
format, in the print format, which is the physical format and now the audio format. Such a no brainer. I highly recommend it. One more thing I’m going to leave you with
before we go is that you can create the audio version of your book and just give it away. You can have that as a free gift to grow your
list. What an amazing deal. Because then people don’t have to buy it,
the people who want the audio version, all they have to do is opt into your list. You’re growing your list and now they listen
to your audio. They get connected to you, they hear your
voice, and it’s like magic. So thanks everyone for hanging out today. It’s been so much fun. I’ll see you on the next training and thank
you so much for joining me today.

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