• Lisa Wood

    Okay, THIS.  Just blew my mind.  I was struggling with lining up what I know (my profession) with my style of writing.  It just wasn't working and, I'll admit, I felt a little defeated. Until I realized that, in my case, my profession does not equal my passion.  Ecommerce lines up perfectly.  Step one is done.  Thank you for your YouTube vids-VERY helpful!

  • Anna Meyer

    So helpful! There are so many terms that get tangled up with other terms, making everything so difficult to understand when you’re a newbie.

    Thank you so much for clarifying things and offering definitions I can wrap my head around. It helps so much!

  • Janette Bennett

    Haha! Reluctant nicher! That's me. I fall into your second category–interested in so many things I feel overwhelmed!

  • NakiaSimone

    Yes, I just want to pick a niche and move on with my life 😂 Plus I’m obsessed with natural and minimal waste living. Wait is that it’s own niche 🤔. Semi-unrelated question: do you operate as a sole proprietor in your copyright business? I’m curious if you have created an LLC or anything like that. I hope you see this! 🤞🏽

  • Regina Esarco

    Thank you thank you! I am in your WYW2F class and niche picking has kept me sidelined forever (exaggeration implied here) and I love this ecommerce idea. great video!

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