Why is data quality important to TPIs?
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Why is data quality important to TPIs?

my name is Nina and I’m part of the TPI team here at Stark.
We’re dedicated to supporting you and your customers by providing easy access to high-quality
energy data. By why is high-quality data important, and
why should Stark be your only choice for energy data collection services? Consider a plane on a runway heading to Rome…
If you changed the positioning of the nose of the plane by just a few inches before take
off – the plane would end up in a completely different location.
This represents the massive negative impact small inaccuracies in energy data can have
on the desired end result. If your customer’s data was inaccurate by
just a small percentage then this could potentially mean that their energy demand is incorrect.
This could cause issues if you are procuring gigawatts of energy for your customers, or
if you are using energy data for client reporting. At Stark we understand the importance of having
high-quality energy data at the heart of your business projects. We have a team here dedicated in supporting
you to deliver these initiatives to your end customers. Ensure Stark are appointed for optimum data
quality for all your end customers Utilise Stark ID to gain insight and better
understand your customer’s energy data For more information, please contact your
Stark account manager.

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