Why Repeat Customers Are Essential To Your ECommerce Marketing Strategy

– Do you have marketing
campaigns that aim to get your customers to buy from you again? Whether you barked yes
or no, keep watching to learn why those efforts
to grow your repeat customers are well worth your time. (upbeat music) (dog barks) Welcome to The ECommerce
Marketer and Barketer, I’m Kara, this is our star
barketer of the day Wrigley, and today I’ll be discussing
why repeat customers are essential to building a
sustainable eCommerce business. Let me clarify first that
repeat buyers are those in your database that have
bought from you more than once. And can eventually be
nurtured to a loyal customer. One reason you should be
focusing on repeat buyers is that it’s much easier and
cheaper to get an existing customer to buy again than
to acquire a new customer. Don’t waste your time
barking up the wrong tree trying to convince anyone and everyone to buy your product. Take advantage of your
existing customer database, and focus on activities such as creating a post-purchase email campaign. This audience already
bought from you once, so they’re more likely
to buy from you again. Second, the cost to acquire
a customer will continue to rise because there are limited customer acquisition channels. Let’s be real, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there for paid ads. So, although you may be running ads that are within budget now,
you should be more realistic that it will become more and more costly as more competitors enter
the scene and market on the few main acquisition
channels that exist. Lastly, a loyal customer
will spread the word for you and bring you more customers. And with loyal customers,
anything is paw-sible… Okay okay, enough of the dog puns, SO, Wrigley doesn’t like dog puns either if you want to learn how to actually create effective campaigns that will nurture your repeat buyers, then make sure to check out the link to learn about Lead Nurturing Campaigns for ECommerce Businesses. That’s it for today,
but make sure to catch us next week for more
eCommerce marketing tips and strategies with the
eCommerce Marketer & Barketer! Check out the link to learn about lead nurturing campaigns
for ecommerce companies I guess Wrigley doesn’t wanna
learn about lead nurturing (laughter) eCommerce companies. That’s it for today. Make sure to catch us next
week for more eCommerce marketing tips and strategies with The ECommerce Marketer
& The Barketer sitting down.

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