Wix Vs WordPress: Which one is right for you? 2019 Comparison!
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Wix Vs WordPress: Which one is right for you? 2019 Comparison!

In this video, I am going to give you the simple formula and walk you through a few common and rare scenarios which will help you decide whether you need to build your next website on WordPress or wix! That’s coming right up! Welcome to the creative show! I am
Pramod George from pramodgeorge.com and if you’re new here welcome on this
channel I share actionable information to help you build your brand faster! Listen I have created websites on both Wix and WordPress. They are both amazing and extremely capable website builders. The last thing you need is to actually
commit a lot of time and energy to building your website on one platform
and then finding out that you have to rebuild it again because you picked the
wrong website builder, I want to help you avoid that problem. Personally, Wix is
like Apple, it has a great ecosystem and many apps/plugins that work well for the
intended use and WordPress is like Android where the source code is freely
available to developers to build upon. This is why you will find a lot more
plugins, most of them being free, for WordPress sites. But that shouldn’t
actually matter and choosing between them actually comes down to this one
simple concentration. If your primary source of income is going to come from
your website then I would recommend th that you build your site using WordPress but
if your primary source of income is from a physical back-end business and all you
need is a front-end website then it’s simpler to achieve this using Wix. So
let’s take a deeper look at both of these scenarios. Scenario number one is
if your website is going to be your primary source of income for your
business then your website is your business, it is an income generating
asset and in such cases I would recommend you build your website on
WordPress. Now before I discuss why WordPress is better in such cases here
are some website examples that would fall under this category. Number one
blogs! Where you generate an income through advertising or Adsense or
affiliate marketing. E-commerce stores, where you will generate income through
sales of digital or physical products. Number three, web applications, with
complicated API and database connections where you generate income through
subscriptions, coupons or affiliate sales. These are examples of sites which are
the business. No website? No cash flow No income so why is WordPress better in
this scenario? Here are a few reasons Because WordPress is built on a common
and simple open-source framework most website hosting services like Google
Cloud, Bluehost or Hostgator support WordPress installation and you are not
restricted to just one hosting platform. For example, if in the future when your
business needs faster servers more storage and better support and you find
that another host is offering better hosting services, you can quickly move
without too much downtime. This is also important because if you choose to sell
your business in the future you will have to give away your website and
WordPress can be quickly packaged up and sent away to be hosted on your buyer’s
personal server. Number two is “Development Opportunities”, again because WordPress is open source you have unlimited opportunities to enhance the
functionality of your website either through plugins or by hiring a WordPress
developer. You see as your business grows your product or service offerings will
evolve and having a CRM like WordPress which can scale and keep up with your
business is super important. Now it’s not like Wix lags and performance or
functionality but because Wix’s amazing website builder is proprietary software
and they spend a lot of money on specialized teams making it better each
year it only works on their systems and you cannot export their websites to
other hosts just like Apple’s ecosystem. But that’s not a bad thing because if
your primary source of income and this is scenario number two is from a
physical back-end business and all you need is a front-end web site then
simpler to achieve this on Wix. Wix is amazing because there is very little
technical work involved and you can publish a live site in under 10 minutes. The ease and speed to market are Wix’s USP or unique
selling proposition. Here are a few scenarios where building your website on
Wix would make more sense. Number one is “one-page websites” or
“landing pages”. For example, if you need to create, ahh quickly create a one-page website for a product that you are launching you can do it easily using Wix. Here’s a quick one-page website which I created on Wix for my physical product called
the Simpleprompter, the Simpleprompter is an affordable and modular
teleprompter which I designed for YouTube video creators. This is a super
simple page and Wix is more than sufficient for this. If you had to do the
same thing on WordPress you would have first have to download WordPress, buy a
subscription on a hosting server, install WordPress on the said server, configure
the website, install plug-ins and themes and only then do you get to start and
publish your web page. Too much hassle for a single page website if you ask me.
Before we go further if you watch this video so far then I’m assuming it has
been of value to you if you found this video helpful and want
to support our channel please use the affiliate links in the video description. Monetary benefits encourage us to keep bringing you new and thoughtful
information on this channel. Scenario number two “portfolio pages” if you want
to place online where you want to share a portfolio of your work like your
resume or photos if you are a photographer and videos if you’re a
filmmaker Wix makes more sense because you can focus on presenting your content
and getting leaves or customers instead of wasting time with the technical
aspects of website building so for example if you are a lawyer or an actor
or a plumber and all you need is a place online to showcase your work and help
people get in touch with you creating a Wix website makes much more
sense in this case your website is not your business and you earn money through
advocating or acting or plumbing which is a physical service and a website
Blee serves as an online advertisement for your services
now I know that I may not have covered every scenario that might be relevant to
you so if you want my opinion on a particular scenario you are struggling
with ask me in the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions
now I want to warn you don’t choose Wix just because you want to avoid the
technicalities of building a WordPress website it’s really easy to find
professional WordPress developers who will do a great job setting up WordPress
for you if you don’t want to bother with all of that hard technical things you
can find quality WordPress developers on my favorite hiring platform upwork.com
in case you’re looking if you feel like you cannot hire a developer right now
learning WordPress is a valuable skill to have if you are going to be a online
business owner so don’t let it faze you come at it with a can-do attitude just
like me and you’ll be just fine I am a civil engineer who learned to host my
wordpress website on google cloud on an ssh server it’s just like learning
something new in business I hope this condensed answer helped you make a
decision and if it did I’d like to know which platform you decided to build your
website on let me know in the comment sections below alright that’s it from me
guys don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to the creative his channel my
name is promote the creative astir I will see you in the next


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