Women Try Amazon Bridesmaid Dresses
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Women Try Amazon Bridesmaid Dresses

okay well I’m the rocketing married we’re both still single just putting out on the Internet you can slide into our deals anytime even though it’s like their wedding I’m still like this is my time to shine as well do I like being a bridesmaid no when you’re a bridesmaid have no control over like the bridesmaids dress like if she tells you to put on a sheet you put that sheet on and you walk down that aisle I don’t like being told what to wear I don’t like being told with my hair what’s your like like I just blame when I think of bridesmaid dresses I think of ugly dresses so that the bride looks better something that you wear one times it’s sweating and you’re probably never gonna wear again a lot of fuchsia tools change tear slowly so it fits everybody’s body shape yeah I am the bigger girls always gonna make me wear like the schmock covering my titties in my butt but I want to show my titties in my life and you should join us you cute it’s not your wedding but everyone deserves to see that you know I’ve been to a wedding where the bride told everyone like oh just a variation of blue and people showed up in like indigo purple Carrie Winkle I’m like do we need a certain talking like what a color and yeah some people are like well this is the deep end of the blue shade I’m like no that’s purple it’s maids dresses that I’ve experienced in the past are always so expensive like $300 expensive can you tell them better you basically pull your wallet you just throw money at the dress first impression want to hear Amazon bridesmaid dresses is itchy but I have hope because they’re gonna be inexpensive okay bring on the dresses so lazy okay okay okay sequin this is like the rich friend suit idea oh I like your is so much already yours looks like a prom dress it’s kind of nice on my prom dress actually like something I would get it Ross I don’t know if my boobs are gonna fit that’s always a game game I like to play every morning well my boobs fit materi it’s material it’s sewn ready for the open bar [Music] I’m not mad about yours yeah love the color love it honestly you look awesome close so yeah sizing is wrong I know that this was advertised as my size but it’s a little smaller on top oh where this is someone’s wedding even though itchy sequins is always on she you look like a beautiful disco ball I like this one this color is like dramatic reminds me a little bit Morticia Addams from The Addams Family I feel like it’s like helping me have like really good posture oh and there’s a little booty action you definitely got cakes and I like it it is a little bit short I’m actually really happy with like the cover-up here because I can wear an actual bra underneath this dress anytime I can wear like a formal gown that I can get support for the girls it’s a it’s not my style at all I would never wear it again but does it fit yeah I like the silhouette of the dress I think it’s cute what I wear this if you know my sister made me but it’s not my sister I think this is just like 50 bucks $45 maybe $50 I’m gonna say 65 yeah okay I don’t know I’m so excited I’m not winning it I don’t like this okay okay that’s not bad it’s not bad you can see it though in the dress yeah you can really see that these are under $100 all right going to dress number two oh man this is the same color in my skin I like this this already feels like very trapeze artist like like whips it’s like the silks when they do the gymnastics yes oh it’s one of those dresses where you have to like tie it and you have like a lot of options cuz you can tie it different styles did somebody really have this in their wedding like did somebody really truly say I want everyone in the party to wear this I like how yours feels it’s so heavy yeah it’s dense like me oh you know what that looks like something taylors sofa we’re in the early 2000s that’s exactly correct and that’s is exactly what I don’t like and bridesmaids dresses all right time to try on my own skin and reveal oh you look so cute this is my worst nightmare [Music] when I first got this dress in the bathroom it was like a sheet of all these sleeves it was pretty simple you just step into the dress and then you just wrap the long sleeves over and then you can really do whatever you want I am obsessed with this I just love this style of dress because I can make it whatever I want and it’s like pretty much it comes in all sizes drapes you so well I like to see my boobs we all like to see your boobs Joyce quality content I’m really surprised by this dress I would probably buy this dress and wear it like it can be like beach day or like brunch and then bridesmaid this is the front of it is high and then the back of it is like a little bit lower it’s not a high-low it’s not committing is missing back in front did Eric ask you to prom yeah and my mom chose this dress nice breeze in there cookie can breathe I’m really trying to find good things but it is not I’m not a fan the only pros to this dress is I want to just hey hey hey we’re gonna come into a wedding near you I’m gonna say 15 40 bucks 25 dollars I feel like just because didn’t take too much effort to make this wow you’re like right I should go on prices right like today $34.99 so yeah so forever21 price range makes sense [Music] $9.99 correct that’s accessible that’s good forty-nine ninety-five I could make this myself for free 99 if I literally cut up my bed sheet this is exactly what I expected from Amazon because out of four dresses one was great probability there makes a lot of sense for Amazon you know there’s definitely the hidden gems but for the most part uh-uh honey Amazon for the dresses the price and like the way the dresses that I tried on fit like it did not make any sense I probably wouldn’t order those dresses for my bridesmaids this one though I mean I did like a lot it was really it’s really comfortable the fact that there’s options for bridesmaid dresses that are cheap thank God because at the end of the day you no one’s really gonna wear their bridesmaid show us again unless it’s like this I might just like get one of these dresses just to have hey it’s me I’m not going around not even dating anyone it’s good you should have this [Music] [Music]


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