Women Try Prom Dresses From Poshmark
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Women Try Prom Dresses From Poshmark

we didn’t have any dances because the kids were so nasty were you one of the nasty kids heck no I will be trying Poshmark prom dresses do you guys go to prom I did not I only went to one school dance lesson high school I did go to prom but prom was like one of many formals at my school it was a lot it was expensive so by the time we got to follow my mom was like my actually the complete opposite we didn’t have any dances because the kids were so nasty no see it’s like we would such like little nasty rabbits we didn’t have the Sadie Hawkins dance we didn’t have one too formal it was just from so problems like a big thing for school so today I’m looking for a prom dress for my hypothetical prom a hunt Poshmark I wish that I have had the internet when I was going to prom because it would have been a lot easier I don’t think I’ve ever shopped on Poshmark before but just like looking around they have a lot of stuff on here this is cute so our budget is like $100 what kind of prom queen do I want to be oh that’s cute when I was in high school I really wanted a like a vintage one for some reason I’m gonna try searching like vintage this black and gold formal dress I love her I love she okay so on my skin like really rich vibrant tropical colors look good on me oh that’s really cute a red backless chiffon maxi dress whoo I love that when people are reselling clothes which is what this site is supposed to be I want to see it on real people and not the models like if it’s just on the models I might be finding from any online store buying the dress was definitely an experience there’s so many to choose from so and then I had to remember this was for prom because then I’m like I can wear this out to dinner and then this and that so I had to like get in the mindset of like what would like seventeen-year-old Lea want so it was fine I was actually kind of fun shopping around for it alright you guys cuz I was trying to think of like what high school me would have wanted because even though I didn’t go to problem I sold like looked at prom dresses online but I really wanted like a vintage II dress if I had gone to prom and maybe had thought about it a little bit I just promised that word now that’s something that like really shows and showcase the inner beauty that I have in myself because you know when you’re a teenager you want to blend in you want to be like everyone else but like I feel like for me now I really just want y’all just see the body the grace the booty the titties I got a tree I love that now I’m even more excited yeah my expectations are pretty high for this prom dress because if it doesn’t work out it’s not like it’s worth prom you can wear it to dinner you can like be in your house just hang out in it or repurpose it like cut it turn into something else or if the fabric is nice you could like Oh turn to a placemat yeah that’s the thing that’s nice about buying it when you’re a little bit older you have the foresight to like know that it’s not perfect you can like change it up Joyce take me to prom I would love to sparkling I like it I’m so happy it came out very well very stretchy very comfortable that’s what seems really nice yeah a lot of kids were born I like the Empire top it’s really pretty yeah I like the stuff – I like I’m tired top I think my only critique is it this little knot here I’m gonna cut that and then just put more cleave I’d highlight what I got yeah well I also like that like it doesn’t feel necessarily like a prom dress like you could wear this somewhere else yeah that is shoe that you I feel like I could wear this to multiple events and it’s like something that like is cute isn’t too much more of my vibe more comfortable more like oh that’s a look she has fashion sense but I like overdoing it yeah comfort and looks all right so who’s gonna prom next Nina I’ll go to prom yeah it’s a make up for the fact that I didn’t pick something with the mindset of what young teenage me would have liked to wear to prom and I think that this is that these days but I probably pick something exactly like this you know yeah I think I’d probably go for something darker and like not quite as like matronly looking at yeah but it’s good kind of fun yeah these days I would cut it short I’d like it it’s like vintage yeah or do you use like look if your hair was curled like coral mishmash of things but like I don’t hate it yeah I don’t think adult Nina would wear this thing out about but now this it is fun modern me needs to like change something about this it’s not quite working for me but like that’s what’s fun about Poshmark like I don’t think this was that expensive I mean this is like under $100 I don’t feel like that bad about having spent money on it I don’t feel like I see a ton of dresses like this at for moms and so it would be cool to to rock up and do it and you didn’t have this I like that okay Leah all right your turn Leah let’s see it Wow this color yeah that’s color that it looks so beautiful the dress it has sort of these like breastplates in here that make me look a lot more voluptuous yeah that’s what I was saying before like what’s nice about like being an adult and picking come from dressers and being a teen is I guess you could wear this to prom you could also wear this like to any horrible thing that’s true I could just throw a jean jacket on that you’re on I love it where this rest of the day I like this dress because it has a lot of like space down here so it’s like area you don’t get too hot but my lady parts can breathe that’s good I like that it has this like umpired top I don’t feel I don’t feel like insecure about like my waist area 18 year old me would definitely wear this it’s beautiful it looks really beautiful I love it I went back from Poshmark again it really shows that like we did a good dress I would also buy from Poshmark again it was a little bit overwhelming but I do like having options I would definitely buy from Poshmark again I was happily surprised I didn’t think any of this was gonna come out this way honestly so since we all have amazing dresses I think we should have a mini prom for Nina full-function it’s time fly in the disco ball [Music]


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