WooCommerce Tutorial – For WordPress eCommerce Online Stores ( 2018 NEW VERSION )
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WooCommerce Tutorial – For WordPress eCommerce Online Stores ( 2018 NEW VERSION )

In this fast-paced tutorial on the show you
how to create an online store with your WordPress website using WooCommerce yes right this is
the full WooCommerce tutorial and working to go through everything in this video hi
my name is Adam from WPCrafter.com where I make WordPress tutorial videos for non-techies
if you knew your consider clicking on the subscribe button if you don’t want visiting
click on the little bell so working to just jump right into WooCommerce so there’s a few
things I want to go over first know if you’re just wanting to learn WooCommerce and canopy
development test environment I want to suggest that you consider using this free tool called
local by fly will this can allow you to install WordPress on your local computer it’s great
for learning not to go over local right now in this video but I want to put a link to
a tutorial video in the video description box in and get familiar with the video description
boxers can be a table of contents and there in several resource links available to you
and one of them is going to be a tutorial on local by fly will essentially is can allow
you to install WordPress on your local computer and your to be able to learn and do all kinds
of stuff that way without doing it on the live website I use it in fact they use it
in this tutorial the next thing I want to talk about is if you are looking for web hosting
if you are going to have an e-commerce web store there are some additional considerations
you might want a more appropriate web hosting plan you certainly don’t want to go some free
host or some bottom of the barrel host so I have a dedicated page for that it’s that
ordered new hosting.com it’ll take you right on over here it’s going to make hosting recommendations
based upon your situations because you know not every host is a one-size-fits-all and
so this will help you make a decision on posting that might be appropriate for you next I want
to talk about WordPress themes for WooCommerce you need a theme that is specifically designed
to work with WooCommerce if you don’t do that you’re going to be just in for a world of
hurt because WooCommerce is not gonna look good and it’s not gonna run good on your website
so you definitely want to use a theme that is compatible with WooCommerce and has specific
styling for WooCommerce and a specific feature set in with that consideration of themes you
definitely want to go with the reputable theme that you know was coded for speed and efficiency
because when you have an e-commerce store on your website using WooCommerce there’s
some extra demands that it has and if you’re using a theme that’s poorly coded you might
run into some trouble so for this tutorial were going to use a free thing called the
Astra Theme it has full WooCommerce integration in the free version of the theme they have
some extra bells and whistles in the paid version of the theme as well working use the
free version of that theme in this video and were also going to they have a okay let’s go ahead and activate the theme
here are just do a quick refresh and you can see where right now we made a little bit of
progress were not quite there yet so go to plug-ins click on add new in this summer to
do the same thing working to search for the word Astra all right here are the results
I want you to install Astra starter sites go ahead and click on install it’s just gonna
take a moment to click on activate alright so now that that’s installed what were to
do is working to go over to appearance and there’s a new menu item that’s is Astra Sites
go ahead and click on that now Astra Sites it’s essentially going to build an entire
website beautiful for you with just three mouse clicks in so the first step is to choose
which page builder you eat you’re going to use now I just recommend right here you go
and click on Elementor and so it’s can you show us a list of websites that we can restore
with with three mouse clicks and you can choose whichever one now every single one is going
to be compatible perfectly with WooCommerce but there’s something here that are specifically
set up on the front end for an e-commerce web store so I’m in a go ahead and scroll
down now the only ones that you don’t get access to for free are the ones that have
this agency badge so let me just scroll down to some of the e-commerce one so here’s one
that’s agency let’s scroll down we have a couple down here let’s see where are you this
is the one that I want to look at it’s right here it’s called brand store so click on details
and preview now you can follow along this full tutorial and choose a different one if
you want this just the one that I’m going to use it specifically has design for e-commerce
so all we have to do is click on install plug-ins and what this is going to do can install that
page builder and its can install WooCommerce for us and then we will be already ahead of
the game here so this is just gonna take a moment okay that was the first mouseclick
and now are going to click on import this site and this is a warning you don’t want
to install Astra sites on a live website it’s meant to be installed on a fresh website that’s
why I was recommending going with local by flywheel for testing purposes only go ahead
and click on okay it’s going to go ahead and get this site set up versus Dennis get the
menu set up for us is consent everything up for us and then we can jump on in to the mean
pick potatoes of this WooCommerce a fast pass tutorial and start going through WooCommerce
itself so it’s just gonna take a minute or so okay it is now complete summit go ahead
and click on the X to get out of that now when I go back to the website and I’m a go
ahead and click on refresh and you can see’85 There you go I got refreshed and you can see
we have a full beautiful e-commerce website what did that take five minutes and I’m going
to do this kind of fast but took five minutes and now we can start learning about how to
use WooCommerce is already installed on our website so I click on dashboard working to
see we have some new options we have WooCommerce in their products so what we’ve done so far
is a time we talked about hosting how to install WordPress on your local machine we talked
about themes and we set up an entire e-commerce website now one last thing I want to bring
up is here is Astro’s website you can visit it by going to WPCrafter.com/Bastrop and you’ll
be able to hop over here that the theme is 100% free it’s the only thing that is specifically
made for high performance websites which is what you want to take into consideration when
you’re going to build an e-commerce website we also have a professional version if you
want to just see what some of the features are it’s only $59 you can install it on as
many websites as you want it’s very reputable and it’s something that I use and there’s
a lot of people using this theme here let’s go ahead and them to show you some of the
features real quick that you get with it with the pay the paid version of it you get a transparent
header sticky header page headers and I go over this in more detail in some other videos
now the best way to tell you about the additional things that come with the Pro version of Astra
is probably just to show you so I am going to show you really quickly so you get the
transparent header that I already mentioned you can change the shopping cart icon however
you do get the shopping cart out of the free version of Astro with the drop down here it’s
just a different icon and it doesn’t show the dollar amount of the cart that’s an additional
feature you get this quick view I really like the quick view so you can click on a product
right here it’s gonna pop up and someone can add to cart that comes in the Pro version
you also get this filter right here so I can click on this and then I can have it so my
visitors can filter through the products and it’s not taking up any spaces you can keep
your web store looking simple and elegant here is what the product page can look like
here’s the what’s called page headers you can easily make these beautiful page headers
like this that are deployed automatically you can see this minimalistic shopping cart
right here and here is what your checkout would look like now a lot of this already
comes in the free version of Astro this videos and by no means out a way to encourage people
to go by Astra Pro but it is nice if you want additional features to know that if you use
the Astra Theme you can later get the Pro version get access to paid support to help
the developer through supporting them through purchase but that’s not what this video but
is about it’s about WooCommerce let’s go ahead and jump on into the WooCommerce fast pass
tutorial so let’s take a deep dive into WordPress e-commerce
and what I’m talking about is using WooCommerce which is a plug-in for WordPress that will
turn your WordPress website into a full-featured e-commerce website now here’s the thing that
I want you to know upfront is that it’s going to be easier than you think for some reason
WooCommerce initially just comes across as very overwhelming having an e-commerce store
can come across is very overwhelming and a lot to take in but I want you to know that
when you start digging into it it’s going to be a lot easier than you think to get up
and running so here’s what essentially an e-commerce website in these e-commerce features
really do you’re going to list products and there’s different types of products were to
go through that and then you display those products on the front end of your website
next you sell those products and then fulfill the orders and that is all there really is
to an e-commerce web store and that’s pretty much what were going to cover right now so
let’s go ahead and take a look at the different types of products that you can have on your
e-commerce website so you can have a physical product obviously that’s something that you
physically ship then you can also have a virtual product and what that is is a product where
you’re not necessarily delivering a download or something like that there’s nothing being
shipped this would be kind of say an appointment if someone wanted to schedule an appointment
with you and you sold it an appointment that would be a virtual product and then we have
downloadable products and this is where after someone completes their purchase they will
be given a link where they can download in a secure area the file or whatever you are
offering them as a download now let’s look at the four different ways of actually setting
up these products in WooCommerce so there’s the simple product and this is just a standalone
product that you sell then you have the option of having a group to product so this could
be kind of a product bundle so if you have two or three items you can bundle them together
as a group to product and sell that then there’s also an external product this is where you’re
not actually fulfilling the order maybe it’s an affiliate link to Amazon or something like
that this would be a perfect usage of an external product and then you have what’s very common
is a variable product this is where you’ll have a product and there’s multiple variations
of variation can be different sizes small medium large variation can be different colors
it can be whatever the if it’s an electronic safe in their storage it could be 32 GB or
64 GB so this is very common it’s called a variable product and this is where someone
will land on the one product page and then they will choose the variation that they want
in your to be able to set up whatever variables for product that you need to do you don’t
have to create them all as separate simple products then once you have all your products
set up in your website then what were going to do is control what’s called the product
category and this is also called your shop page so this will be the page on your website
that you are displaying to all of these products in a grid maybe there’s filters where people
can filter it by price and they can just click on the product that they’re interested in
and for each product that you have in your store you can set the visibility options you
have full control over the visibility if you want that product to show in the shop page
and that’s how basic having an e-commerce website is now what can be a little overwhelming
because it’s different for everybody in different situations is two things the first one is
taxation and how do you tax products now the issue with taxation is it’s different depending
on your country or your state or your location it’s going to be different so Juergen actually
have to find out how taxation needs to work but there are several different types of taxation
have full control over it in WooCommerce so one of the main options is origin-based taxation
that is can it be the taxes are based upon where your shipping the products from or where
the product is being sold from this is origin based taxation this is actually how Amazon
you use to tax Amazon.com in the United States they used to do it origin base so if you are
not in the state where Amazon was you were not having to pay sales taxes and that went
on for a long time until laws were changed the other way of taxation is shipping based
now the challenge was shipping base that means I’m going to charge taxes based upon where
the product is being shipped to that can actually get very complicated to manage because there
are so many different locations they all have different tax rates it’s actually kind of
complicated so this is where some of the challenges come into play with having an e-commerce store
and this is managing and dealing with the taxation now there are services that will
automatically manage all those tax rates for you so it makes sure that you’re charging
the correct tax rate however Juergen have to do a little bit of the heavy lifting to
find out how you’re supposed to charge taxes based upon where you are and then there are
what’s called tax classes these are categories you could put products into so there’s standard
and that’s typically what you’re going to leave for most your products but then there’s
a reduced tax class in a zero tax class now I I think this word classes is quite confusing
we are going to see it in taxation were also gonna see it in shipping these tax classes
want you just think instead of classes think of categories so a product can be standard
taxation reduced taxation or zero taxation and these are things that you actually set
up on each product so working to take a look at taxation in WooCommerce and I’m also going
to give you some resources to make sure you have that all dialed in next the big thing
that can be a little complicated happens to be shipping and that is basically how are
you going to charge it the right amount for shipping depending on how your choosing to
ship so you can maybe just include free shipping and this actually wouldn’t be overwhelming
at all if you included free shipping or maybe you would have flat rate shipping and then
this is very easy or if you want to charge accurate shipping based upon what Juergen
actually have to pay for the shipping and then pass that off to the purchaser of the
products you’re gonna need to learn about table rate shipping and this is the same thing
where you create complex rules to make sure you’re charging the right amount everywhere
you would ship to based upon the carrier that you’re using for shipping and then like we
had tax classes there’s also shipping classes or categories so you can charge different
shipping on different products and then so what you would do is you would create these
shipping I like the word categories I don’t like the word classes so you can create these
shipping categories and so maybe a category is free shipping may be another one is flat
rate shipping and so you can create these and assign these just like with the taxation
you can assign it on a product byproduct basis so obviously if you want to make this whole
process easier you will maybe just to flat rate shipping or maybe just include shipping
into the cost of sending the product or selling the product free shipping that’s an easy way
to do it but WooCommerce is designed to meet any e-commerce web stores needs but I don’t
want you to get overwhelmed by the taxation in the shipping I know it can seem overwhelming
but what’s most important is that you get started building your website filling out
the products and getting it all set up and then you sort through that you will sort through
that and figure that out don’t let that be a roadblock for you but you are going to have
to spend some time figuring out your situation it’s impossible to cover all the situations
here in a tutorial video so let’s go ahead and jump back into our websites and we will
start digging into WooCommerce so for something to go through the settings of WooCommerce
and then I’m going to go ahead and take a look at the products and then will set the
way that the look on the front end of your website so when you install and activate WooCommerce
or can have these two options here there are these two menu items you can have WooCommerce
itself this is where you find your orders you can create coupons. She reports your settings
are going to be there and then right here is your products and this writer basically
and load up and categorize all your products and that’s pretty much all there is to it
so let’s go ahead and on WooCommerce go ahead and click on settings and will walk through
some of the settings in WooCommerce now each of the settings panels are going to be in
these tabs and when you’re in a tab like for instance if I click on products. I have a
sub menu items right here this might not be so obvious slits click back on general and
start going through the settings and start talking about them so this general tab is
where working to set up information about your store this is where you’re going to put
the address of your store you can load in your state or country and you’re going to
go down here and you’re in a set where you actually sell to see you can limit your store
to only selling to your country or certain countries and then right here is we where
you can enable taxation and tax calculations and then what’s very important is the set
your currency options so I’m go ahead and start filling this out for me right now okay
so I filled out my address I limited it to just selling in the United states and also
shipping only to the United States and I change the currency I said it to the US dollar I’ll
go ahead and click on save changes and now let’s go ahead and click on the products tab
and take a look at some of the options that we have here so this is that tab where we
have the multiple sub- options right here I just want to point that out so you don’t
miss those are right so here we are so this is where you’re going to tell WooCommerce
which page on your website is going to be that shop page where you list all of your
products out then we have some options here when someone clicks the add to cart button
and we can choose to if someone clicks on it to immediately take them into the shopping
cart if you wanted to do that here you can set in some measurements for your products
and then here you can decide whether or not you want to enable reviews on your products
and product ratings let’s scroll back up here and then click on inventory now with WooCommerce
you can actually have it manage the stock of your products and so here’s the option
in order to enable stock management and then here is where you can decide how it will manage
and hold the various products how it’s going to notify you if you’re low on stock on particular
products and then how to define if you’re low or not on stock of certain products as
you have these thresholds that you can said here and these notifications and then you
can decide how to deal with a product that is out of stock you can just decide to hide
it if you want from the catalog and then right here you can choose how and even if you want
to display that quantity so this is probably not good if you have large numbers of quantity
in stock but it is very good when you’re running low to induce scarcity in whoever’s shopping
on your sites you can choose the never show or you can have it show just when it’s a low
quantity or you can have it always show I cannot like this showing only when it’s in
low quantity myself but that’s gonna be completely up to you now here is the options for downloadable
products so if you don’t have any downloadable products that your offering on your shop and
that this option will not be for you now here are the options there is the file download
method I would just go ahead and leave that as is but then the access restrictions are
quite interesting you might want to check here were downloads require a login so someone
actually has to be logged into your website in order to actually do the download this
would probably prevent people from sharing a download link if you required that someone
be logged into the website in order to start the download and then right here is an option
for you to decide when you want to grant someone access to a download by default with WooCommerce
when someone places an order it goes into processing and then you would manually go
in there and complete an order now there is a little add-on extension that can automate
that for downloadable products but right here with this box checked it will grant download
access when it hits processing and that way the person that purchases the download doesn’t
have to wait for you to come along and mark their order complete now let’s take a look
at the shipping tab so right here we have the various shipping options which is shipping
zones shipping options shipping classes now a shipping zone is actually perfectly explained
right here it’s a geographical region where a certain set of shipping methods and rates
apply so the way we actually see this in normal life is when someone puts in the shipping
address there is only certain options that are available to them so you can have a local
zone so if someone’s in a particular area near you you can have a local pickup option
available for them it’s based upon their address and another example is if you wanted a for
example a zone just for an entire country you can do that and charge a flat rate shipping
to that group when you’re shipping to that location and then another example would be
to have a entire zone for a continent like Europe and charge a flat rate shipping so
these are your shipping zones based upon where your shipping next let’s take a look at the
shipping options that are available to us so right here by default this is enabled to
enable the shipping calculator on the cart page and then here’s an option if you wanted
to hide the shipping costs until an address is entered so if that shipping cost is going
to change based upon where someone is you’ll probably want this enabled then here are options
of what you can allow someone to enter for a shipping location so you can force it to
be someone’s billing address or a shipping address or have them not have an option so
you see this a lot I do whenever I order anything where I enter in my billing address and then
it pre-fills that out to be the shipping address and I then would have to if I wanted it shipped
to a different location I would just go ahead and change the address in there but there’s
this also security management is your right hereto for shipping to the customer billing
address this would probably reduce any type of fraud if you’re selling high value items
because typically when fraud occurs someone makes a payment was someone else’s payment
method and there’s a billing address but then they’ll ship it someplace else where they
can get access to whatever was purchased now let’s take a look at shipping classes now
shipping classes is an interesting concept so essentially this is a way for you to group
different products into categories for the purpose of changing how you charge for shipping
so say you had a flat rate shipping of $10 but on certain products you may want to charge
an extra two dollars or something along those lines were you would create a shipping class
and we would set it up so that any product that’s in that shipping class will be charged
a flat rate plus this extra amount so in this interface right here is not where we actually
set up that information this is just where we actually create the class and then were
to go into a different screen where we go ahead and put in what that surcharge is some
to go ahead right now and add a few shipping classes okay so I’ve gone ahead and filled
it out I put large shoebox and if you don’t put anything here for the slug it’s just going
to use an auto generated based upon what you named the class and then I have my description
here something to go ahead and click on save as shipping classes and now I’ve gone ahead
and created my first shipping class so now I’m in a go back to shipping zones and I’m
going to set up a shipping zone of four flat rate shipping all you do is click on add shipping
zone and then fill this out so I’ve entered US domestic for the zone name and for the
region I’ve chose the United states and right here in the click on add a shipping method
and so these are the options that we get which is a flat rate free shipping or local pickup
and what I want is flat rate and then would go ahead and click on add shipping method
like this and it’s going to go ahead and add it so now I have my flat rate set up and now
I need to just put some information in there about the charges so I click on edits and
I get this pop-up right here in first I will choose if the shipping cost is actually taxable
this is another situation where you have to see what the laws are in your area then we
enter in the cost of the shipping so for Mama to put 995 and then right here we see the
shipping class costs and so right here is that shipping class that we created large
issue boxes so what I can do is use one of these formulas so when you hover your mouse
over the? Right here is the option so I can put Brad I can put say I wanted to charge
an extra two dollars per shoebox or shoe order that someone places on top of the flat rate
I can put to then the*which is multiplication and then in bracket QT why that’s for quantity
so this is what it would look like and there it is so when I put a product in this category
large shoebox so for each shoe sale it’s going to charge the flat rate +2 dollars just on
those items dedicated video table rate shipping but this is a great tutorial right here on
that okay so that’s good to be shipping let’s go ahead and jump on over to our checkout
right here so we have these options right here as well underneath checkout so the first
option right here is how you do you want to handle coupons so you can not take coupons
at all if you didn’t want to and just uncheck this right here and how you want to apply
those coupons if you want to calculate multiple coupons and then right here is the checkout
process now this is one item where I don’t think WooCommerce should have enabled by default
but they do and that’s this enable guests check out so when you uncheck this box this
means that someone has to create an account on your website in order to make an order
this is what I definitely think you should have off but it’s up to you based upon what
you’re selling and how you’re selling it right here is for secure checkout we don’t have
to deal with that if you have an SSL certificate you should have your entire website on SSL
there was a time where it wasn’t as much of a requirement but you did need it when someone
was actually checking out however nowadays you need to have an SSL certificate across
your entire website now here’s where you tell WooCommerce which pages on your WordPress
website are your your shopping cart and your checkout page and if you wanted an optional
terms and condition page right here these checkout endpoints you’re gonna want to leave
those alone to those are just some different slugs that’s pretty technical and there’s
really no reason to modify those now right here’s where were going to list the order
of our payment gateways and this is if you were offering more than one ways to pay now
it’s up to you how many ways you want to offer to pay I do think a good rule of thumb for
convenience is to offer both PayPal and a striped stripe is an extension that you can
add to WooCommerce and it’s very easy to integrate in you could take a direct credit card transactions
on your website and also PayPal now what that does is it gives your customers an option
so some people they preferred not to use PayPal and then there’s some people that prefer to
use PayPal I know for me I like PayPal because I find it convenient now the actual options
for these different methods and how to enable them on your website or not is going to be
at the top and that was what we saw a right here these are ready to see links for each
of these payment methods this might be a good point in the tutorial to go and add the stripe
payment gateway by going to plug-ins add new and I’m in a go ahead and open this up in
the new tab and then right here we can just do a search for the word stripe when you enter
in stripe it’s going to be the first option right here this used to cost money but then
at some point WooCommerce made it free which is actually good that they did that then just
go ahead and click on install and the Marina go ahead and activate it let’s click on activate
right now and now it’s activated so when I go back here and I go ahead and do a refresh
organist see stripe is an option there you have it you have all the various stripes and
when I scroll down here they all are so what we can do if you wanted to do the PayPal and
stripe we can go like that and then right here it says credit card is striped we can
go ahead and put that at the top and now what were going to do let me actually save my changes
then were going to go and take a look at those options and enable them so let’s go ahead
and first click on PayPal because it’s right here and what you want to do is just click
right here to enable PayPal to begin with now these are some options of how this payments
can appear now right here for PayPal email you’d want to enter in your PayPal email address
this is not my PayPal email address just make sure you enter the correct PayPal email address
and you always always always want to test the actual payment to a couple test payments
to make sure you’re actually getting the money and then right here you put your receiver
email you’re gonna want to get this PayPal identity token when you hover over the? It
tells you exactly how to get this identity token so that you can pop it in here and then
right here we have some options of the info that will get pushed to PayPal the shipping
where the billing address and then we scroll down here this is what you’re going to need
to do to get Juergen have to get this API credentials from PayPal that when you hover
over here it gives you information but here’s a link that will get you all the information
you need in order to get those API credentials now I know very old PayPal accounts you any
old PayPal account actually had access to these API credentials but I think if you’re
to go create a PayPal account today it actually needs to be a business PayPal account in order
to get these API credentials so let me go ahead and click on save changes and Alice
take a look at stripe okay so this is where you can enable striped by just checking right
there and you can enter in the title how it’s can appear when someone goes to check out
with stripe and then there’s it’s actually so simple was striped when you log in to get
the information you need here so first you’d want your test is for that you can obviously click right here and
change it to a different page if you didn’t wanted to be this one and so these next options
are to be about how these accounts get created so right here this checkbox is telling WooCommerce
to create the account when someone checks out you can also have open registrations on
your my account page I would recommend that because it could attract spammers just automated
bots creating accounts and then right here is some more options regarding log log and
then here’s what happens and how an account is actually created with this checkbox you’re
telling WooCommerce to automatically generate a username from the customer email I definitely
recommend that and is probably good idea to let your customers generate their own passwords
or if you wanted to check this box were WooCommerce will generate that password for them here
some more account endpoints you can just leave those as they are that’s what I recommend
and click on save now accounts what you notice it doesn’t have any sub options which is nice
now is take a look at emails that WooCommerce is going to send various emails for various
things new order counsel order failed order there’s all of these different emails that
get sent out now you can customize these but before we do that let’s scroll down and look
at some of the actual bigger options so here we go email sender option so this is gonna
be the from name of the from email address so you might want to put your store name here
and your stores email address here or the one that you want people to be able to respond
to and then right here you can add a URL to an image and this would actually show in the
header of these emails that go out and then right here you can put some text in that will
be in the footer of the email that goes out right here you can change the colors to your
brand’s colors so you would want to probably for the base color not have it be the WooCommerce
purple whatever your brand’s colors is and then here’s the background color the background
of the body where the text is and then the color of the actual text so this would probably
be the main color that you’re tweaking it right here and then you want to save those
options so on these emails right here while obviously on these first three you want to
make sure it has the right email address that you want so these are to be notifications
to the store owner these emails here are going to be going out to the customer so on any
of these you can go ahead and click on configure and is can it bring you to those options so
you can enable or disable if you don’t want to be notified of new orders you don’t have
to you can uncheck this make sure your email is there or wherever you want these notifications
to go and this is what the subject lines going to be it’s automatically gonna pull information
in from the actual order and then here is the email type it’s going to be in HTML-based
email and that’s required for to look good if you wanted to change anything and I probably
don’t recommend doing that but if you did you would go ahead and click on view template
to look good I would recommend leaving this on HTML but you could change it to plan text
if you want but you want to leave that on HTML and there is like a template file with
all kinds of code that you’re not going to want to edit but if you did need to there
some instructions here of how you can overwrite its even if you click on view template that’s
just not can think much sense the most people anyway so let me click on here to get out
of this email and get back to our screen here and want to go in there and make sure you
have your recipients in their right customer these are obviously emails that are going
to go out to the customer the shouldn’t require much tweaking at all and then there some technical
things here with the API you’ll just leave these default but we have these options right
here now let’s take a look at some of the products and that’s really where you’re going
to spend your time doing most of your set up work is adding products to WooCommerce
so, go ahead and click on all products here the website that were working with has some
in here so we can kind of get an idea of how these products were added so that we can get
comfortable adding them ourselves so first let’s take a look at this product on the front
end of the website and when it click on view and open this up in a new tab right here and
so here’s how our product looks now were no set up products and get that process down
in the morning to go in in and when to show you how to change the way this actually looks
on the front end so here’s our product image here is our title here is our description
bit of text this is saying it’s out of stock but we can change that very easy here’s the
SKU number you don’t actually have to show that if you don’t use SKUs here’s the category
of the product and then here is a different picture of it right here that someone can
click on and when you scroll down here is a description and you can see were showing
additional information and reviews in these tabs like this so let’s go ahead and now click
on edit product so we can see what this looks like in WordPress so this a first bit of paragraph
text is actually what showed underneath the product image but right here is where everything
pretty much happens with Wu creating products and it’s going to be all mainly in this box
right here so here’s where we see our different product types simple grouped external or affiliate
and variable so when I click on simple then we get our options here for a virtual product
or a downloadable product now when you click on these these tabbed options here they can
tend to change so if I click on a downloadable right here you notice how we have new options
here and this is actually just pointing to those downloadable files and setting some
limits and some expirations on it and so we can uncheck that and then virtual it tightens
this up a bit and removes some options which was mainly the shipping option and then we
have our simple product so right here we can enter in a price in the sales price if we
wanted and you can even schedule a sale on a particular product some to go ahead and
enter some values I’ve entered in 3999 and 2999 so it will be on sale and then you can
click on the inventory tab and this is where you can put a SKU number in if you wanted
to and you can set the stock status now right here is if you wanted to enable stock management
on this particular product in the right here you have some failsafes if you have a particular
product or you don’t want to allow someone to order more than one this right here is
the option for you usually want that with digital downloads I don’t want someone to
accidentally purchase to when they would only need one and then they would have to come
back to you and ask you for a refund that’s when I’ve use this right here the most then
we can go ahead and click on shipping right here and this is where we can put in some
criteria for the product like a weight and dimensions and also choose a shipping class
now we saw earlier when I created the shipping class large shoebox and that would add two
dollars to the shipping cost and that’s what I’ve gone ahead and selected it right here
now you can also link this product or you can link products together as up cells and
cross cells so what happens is an upsell is when someone’s checking out in there in the
shopping cart though be presented with up sales are going to be shown to someone when
they’re actually on the product page so someone’s looking at one product and you’re showing
another product which would be an upsell the intention is for them to purchase and upsell
instead of the product that there on that’s what the upsell is now a cross sell his product
that would go along with the product so for cross sell you these only show when someone’s
actually in the shopping cart and they’ve already taking a product they and they put
it in their cart then it’s going to display these cross cells so crossbills are good for
maybe having a product to be shown to a customer that they may need and they’re not thinking
about it you see this a lot of times in electronics so for example I was purchasing a particular
what’s called the capture card but what do I need with that but I need the correct cables
to go along with the capture card so when I’m checking out that would be good to show
me the various cables that I may need so I can click a button and easily add that to
the cart so I can click in here and do a search for a another product that’s already in my
e-commerce store and I can add it as an upsell or a cross sell next we have product attributes
in this is part of the product variations so an example of an attribute would be size
small medium large or an example would be color in the various colors of your products
you can go ahead right here in add a new custom attribute or in the drop-down we already have
one available and it’s right here name to size so when that’s clicked on you can click
on add and then it’s can add the size right here and I can just go ahead and put my value
in there now lastly we have the advance option right here and this is where you can put some
notes in that you might want along with the purchase and you can enable or disable reviews
on this particular product and last we have that little bit of text that is actually going
to show near the price so I’m going to change this text so it’s pretty obvious how’s that
near the price and then here’s where you’d see any reviews people left right here’s where
you can add the main product image but then you can add additional images in a product
gallery if you had more than one here you could easily reorder them okay and as I scroll
up you can add a category and start categorizing your product now here’s something that is
kind of important and that is catalog visibility so let me just click on edit so we can look
at the options so by default it saying to show this on the shop page with all the other
available products and of someone searching show this as a result right here if you choose
shop only it just won’t be in the search results and then if you check right here it won’t
be in the shop but it can be searched and then right here you can hide it all together
so this would be an idea if you were having a cross sale and you don’t want someone buying
that cross sell product directly because maybe you’re discounting a little bit so in that
example of a cable normally the cables $50 but in the cart your offering it for say 25
we you can hide it someone can just buy that alone actually have to buy it as a cross sell
and this is when you can go ahead and hide that if you want so go ahead and click on
okay let’s click on update and see how the product looks in the morning to jump back
in and take a look at the other product types someone ago here and now we have that price
that we put in and remember I put that text at the bottom near the price just to show
you that that is where that text goes and then right here we have the original price
and look at this we have our add to cart button we also have a cell badge right here and we
didn’t actually change anything down here so now let’s go ahead and go in and take a
look at the other product options let’s scroll down here so that was simple products and
then we have grouped the products in this is the product type or you’re taking several
products and kind of bundling get together as a single package that someone can purchase
a bundle and so what you would do here is you well here’s the stock status if you wanted
to make this available at all but then you really need to go here to link to products
in here were it says grouped products this is where you would search and add the products
that are going to be part of this single bundle and if you have any questions about these
just hover your mouse over the question and you can see right here it says this is going
to be the list of products that are part of the bundle you can assign attributes to this
we already explained that and we already explained the advanced options here for grouped products
next is the external or affiliate product and this is where the button doesn’t actually
put them through the shopping cart it actually would take him to an external product URL
and you can even customize the button text this is ideal if you have a store and you
want to maybe refer people out to Amazon or something like that for products that you
know your customers want but you’re not going to carry you might as well send them to Amazon
and get an affiliate commission I’ve been seeing this a lot because I’ve been on several
websites about live streaming so there’s these sites and they have a store but all of the
products actually go to other places where they earn an affiliate commission which is
totally fine so this is how you would use WooCommerce in an affiliate situation you
can have the products listed but then right here you go ahead and just link on out so
right here you can do that askew to it I don’t know why you’d want to do that you can link
up sells to it and that’s probably good idea you can assign attributes and we still have
those advance options last is what most East commerce stores that are going to be and may
be in the clothing business or or any type of product where there’s can be lots of variations
it’s going to be the variable product right here and so this is when you want one single
product listing it for different variations so someone would come here and get the different
colors in the different size options versus having 20 different product options in the
store you can just have the one products and these different variations for it so a lot
of these options are to be the same ones we saw in the simple product where he saw SKU
stock management and they sold individually we also had those shipping options in the
simple product we also had linked products for up cells and cross cells and we also had
attributes so when you want to have these variations you need to first define what they
are an attribute is color in size those are perfect examples of it so on this we really
have color and I can click right here and add size just like this and click add so now
we have two attributes in here if I wanted to add a new one I could click on add and
it’s going to create 1/3 attribute where I would have to define what it is I guess I’m
out of ideas but right here I would name what the variations going to be and I can go ahead
and start putting some values in I’m going to actually remove that let’s go ahead and
do that and let’s look at our size and color so right here let’s put some values in so
size can be a number or can be small medium large so right here we have some of them we
have large we have medium we have extra-large we have small is small and there I guess we
don’t have small villages go ahead and add an S for that the way we would do that is
we would click on add new and this is just going to add a new value and this is just
going to add a new value here some to go ahead and enter as for small click on okay and it’s
going to go ahead and add small right here for me and there it is so if we wanted to
use this for variations we want to check this box right here and then I’m in a go ahead
and click on save attributes so now we have four variations for size let’s go ahead and
check are color variations that we may want for this product and so we have purple and
red you saw how to add new ones right here and we have the option right here used for
variations so now we have these two attributes color and size and we have the different options
afford now what we need to do is actually create the variations that when we click on
variations and go to created essentially what this is going allows to do is it’s going to
have kind of mini simple products in here for each of these variations so this is what
were going to do and I’ll show you what I’m talking about medical right here to create
variations from all attributes, click on go I’m in a click on okay and it’s going to go
ahead and create them all so for each small size it’s going to create a purple and whatever
the color other color was variation in its can do that for each of the sizes and so it’s
saying right here there’s eight variations added when we click on okay and it’s going
to show eight variations here so we have each size and purple each size in red and it just
created that for us now we can go ahead and take a look at one of these so each one is
going to have these options to remove it or you can click here and guess what you can
put the picture there and so this is how with the e-commerce site you can have different
pictures that are therefore the variation so someone picks the purple one versus the
red one you see it change colors so right here you can have unique images for each one
of the variations you can have a unique SKU for the variations and these are all the settings
that were already familiar with that we saw in the simple product so each variation can
have its own price its own stock status and its own shipping class but right here it said
as the same as parent so what I’m in a go ahead and do right now is him to go ahead
and fill out all of these variations with a price case so I’ve gone ahead and added
a price to each one of these I’m in a go ahead and click on the save changes and we just
created eight variations of this product pretty insane right some to go ahead and click on
updates and now working to take a look at the product on the front end and working to
see those variation options so here are the two attributes color and size and when I click
on the drop-down for color we have the different options and on size we have our different
options here I probably should’ve put them in order small medium large XL that’s an easy
fix and right here it shows you the price range deep based upon the price I just put
in all those variations and it doesn’t allow someone to even added to the cart yet because
they haven’t made their choice so right here let’s go for purple and then right here let’s
go for small and what you see is now it’s displaying the actual price and I can added
to cart and check this out actually made a different price for red so when you choose
red and now increase the price to 3999 and that’s as simple as it is to create these
variable products to have one product listed here and have these different variations now
if I would’ve put a different image and for the red and for the purple the image would’ve
just immediately changed and the buyer would’ve been able to see what they’re actually getting
I just didn’t take that extra step but like I said it’s super easy to do when you’re in
the variable settings for each one of these variations you can go ahead and put the image
in for it so let’s just check that out again and go right here and put a different image
and that’s really all there is to the products so now I’m in a show you some of the different
styling options that are available in this theme for WooCommerce so let me go ahead and
go back to the front end and I’m going to go to the shop page so many click on the store
and let’s take a look at this and see what options that we have available for us so we
have this this is a sidebar and we have these widgets that we can put in and we can also
control how this store layout here looks so when I click on customize and let’s take a
look at the options that we have available to us alright so first I want to go to layouts
and then I’m a click on WooCommerce and this is the shop pages on the click on shop and
it’s showing us some options here so the first option is how many columns so it’s currently
set to three but if you wanted you can reduce it down to two products per column and you
can also set this on a per device basis in case let’s put that back up to three actually
you can decide how many products you want per page right now it’s at the 12 and you
can also decide what you want to have happen when the mouse cursor hovers over the product
you can have it swap images or you can have no hover style next we get to see and choose
what we want the product structure to be so right now it’s title then it’s category its
price and its ratings so right here this product has all four items title category price and
ratings if I didn’t want one of these here all I would have to do is click on the little
eyes so if I didn’t want category I can click right here in your to see the category just
disappears and you have all these options here and you can even reorder them as something
different makes sense if you wanted and add to cart button right here underneath the product
you can do it that way as well I personally don’t think it looks good unless you make
sure every product has all four pieces of information something unchecked that just
like that next we have a content with option for this page right here so now let’s go back
and I want to take a look at this right here this sidebar and number and look at the individual
product number and look at the card page some to go back and that’s gonna be a sidebar and
that’s found under widgets and here are the different widget areas and this is the WooCommerce
sidebar so when I click on it and scroll up here’s the product search if I didn’t want
this I can click on remove and it will be gone here is a list of categories if I didn’t
want this I can click on remove and it will be gone same thing goes for the filter so
I wanted the filter at the top I could probably go like that and if I wanted the attribute
filter I can go like that and now I moved the filters up to the top like that you see
how easy that was you can have this look however you wanted to look if I felt like there is
just too much information and I wanted to get rid of categories I can go like this and
I could easily go right here and then remove that and it just disappears these are the
widgets on the shop homepage here all right so now that that’s done let’s go ahead and
look at the product page in the options we have available there I’m to jump back into
layout WooCommerce an hour to look at the single product option now this is the free
version of Astra it has limited options available for the single product if you did have Astra
Pro there’d be a lot more options available here but essentially it’s can allows to disable
the breadcrumbs this right here is the breadcrumbs so they could see home category in the name
of the product but if you didn’t want that just check this box and it will just quickly
disappear and push all of the content up so that’s up to you if that’s something that
you would want so next him to go ahead and click on add to cart so next let’s take a
look at our cart page options right here and what we do is we have the option to enable
the showing of up sales or not this is completely up to you whether you want up sells the show
or you want those up sales to be hidden now like I said if you had the Pro version of
Astro you get a lot more cart options and check out options however what we have and
what’s been given to us is very beautiful to begin with so let’s go back and I just
want to just remind you how to enable or disable this shopping cart in the header that’s an
option underneath layouts right here underneath the primary header right here and it’s custom
menu item it said to WooCommerce if I didn’t want that I would set it to none and then
I don’t have the shopping cart but if I would like that shopping cart I just go right here
and I choose WooCommerce and I have my shopping cart back lastly I want to show you the settings
for these buttons right here so if I go back and I go back again there’s this option for
buttons and here are all the attributes to the button I’ve got my button color I’ve got
my hover color I’ve got my text color I got my radius I got the sizing in the padding
and all of that so if I like to have maybe a rounded button I can increase this from
0 to 5 take a look at the add to cart button and see what happens as I’m upping this you
see house becoming more and more pills shaped that is the button radius so there’s 20 it
actually looks pretty good at 20 just like that you wanted to change the color of the
background of the button you can go here I can do something crazy like a red just make
sure you stay on brand but you have full control over that right here this would probably be
impossible to read the add to cart but you can put your colorcode right here and have
full control over the color of that add to cart button he saw how easy that was and you
also have control over how it looks when you hover that’s the hover background color so
I wanted to do this purple I could do that this is crazy I don’t recommend it but watch
what happens now when I hover it changes color like that CFO control these are all the controls
that you need for WooCommerce to get started so now let’s go ahead and take a look a quick
look at coupons and there were in a test the checkout process some to get out here and
I can actually save any of these changes I don’t want to save this abomination of a button
and then I want to go into the back end of WooCommerce animal to go ahead and take a
look at coupons right here alright so here is a default coupon that we have in here there
are several different options for coupons so let’s just go ahead and look at the anatomy
of this one so when you first get in there you give it the coupon code just pop that
in right here and then for general you can choose the type of discount whether it’s a
percentage or it’s a fixed amount out of the cart or a fixed amount off of a specific product
you have full control over discounts and how it all works and then you would enter in that
amount right here here’s an option for shipping and you can set an expiration on your coupon
right here we have some usage restrictions we can set restrictions on a minimum spend
a maximum spend individual use are just so many options there are obvious right here
you can have this coupon only work for particular specific products now if you have a lot of
products but you only want to couple for it to not apply you would just exclude those
but if you had a lot of pride but you only wanted it on one or two of them than you would
added specifically here to the products you can also discount entire product categories
and exclude those categories as well this is actually an additional way of protecting
your coupon from not being shared out on the Internet you can restricted to just people
estates a loyalty discount and so you can restricted to just people that have purchased
from you in the past and you have their email address now right here you can set usage limits
unlimited or you can limit their redemptions of its you can limit how many items it can
be applied on and you can limit uses per user so you can create a series of coupons if you
want for your website next week quickly let’s take a look at reports so you can run reports
is actually pretty good the reports that it gives you and the information that it gives
you basically just can be based upon your orders now that brings us to what happens
when someone actually buys something you’re going to have the order listed here as pending
and then you just process the order whether chipping or fulfilling and then you will mark
the order complete it’s actually very simple and there’s options to mark a completed order
refunded it’s really simple to manage all of your orders here in the orders tab now
let’s jump into the front end of the website and just test this checkout process some to
go ahead and click on store and then let’s go ahead and say click on this blue windbreaker
jacket like this here it is I’m in a go ahead I’ll leave just the one I’ll click on add
to cart like that and we get this notice that it has been added to the cart I can click
this to view the cart but it’s also now I’m getting this notification here in the cart
icon and it shows me my products it shows me the quantity the subtotal gives me an option
to jump to the cart or jump to the checkout so let’s take a look at what the cart looks
like by clicking on view cart so this is where someone can remove items from the cart or
increase the quantity decrease the quantity enter a coupon code your customers will do
it all in the cart screen and you can see that this is beautiful it is simple it is
elegant it is perfect and right here is the cart totals you can see the flat rate that
was actually applied and right here is the actual total then let’s click on proceed to
checkout and it’s gonna take you to this beautiful simple focused checkout page right here it’s
also giving them another option to enter in a coupon code and then they would just go
ahead and enter in their billing date details right there and their address and their you
know the option for shipping the products went to the billing address for the shipping
address right here is a recap of what they’re ordering and then right here since I didn’t
actually put the stripe information in it’s not offering the stripe but if I had we would
have PayPal or stripe as an option and then once you click here it’s going to take him
straight to PayPal to complete the order and so that’s pretty much all there is to having
WooCommerce on your website I know it seems overwhelming at first but it’s actually not
that complicated once you get through wrapping your mind around taxation and wrapping your
mind around it shipping some of the put links to a couple articles on WooCommerce’s website
they all have these great videos on it so here is setting up taxes in WooCommerce right
here is table rate shipping and then right here is going to be the flat rate shipping
right here in there it’s very well documented WooCommerce has fabulous documentation I just
put a link as well to the documentation site and so you’re deftly gonna want to check out
where you live in the different sales tax regulations and you’re also gonna want to
come up with a plan based on what you’re selling of how you want to charge for shipping so
that right there is your fast pass to WooCommerce we made it to the end of this fast best tutorial
I hope you found a lot of value in it remember don’t forget to visit all the resources and
links that are in the video description box down below if you’re not familiar with me
or any of my prior videos I have over 300 tutorial videos just like this here on YouTube
you can just go ahead and click on the subscribe button if you want to get notified when I
upload new videos click on the bell icon and I’m constantly putting up new videos that
might interest you and help you with your online e-commerce store the site that I just
showed you and the tutorial I actually have a full-length tutorial on it if you’re interested
is to teach you how to use Elementor along with WooCommerce and fully customize the site
to make a look exactly how you wanted to look the way that my tutorials work is I’m not
you showing you how to build what I built I’m showing you how to build whatever it is
that you want to build so you want I’ll go ahead and click will put a link to the full
tutorial video in the video description box down below you have any questions for me you
can leave a comment I usually get back to them either the same day or couple days later
but I am so grateful to you that you spend this time with me and I look forward to seeing
you in the next video damage can show is called Astra Sites it’s really cool so this is just
gonna take like two minutes to get a full e-commerce website that is beautiful installed
on the websites let’s just do that now so I just have a blank MT installation right
here there’s nothing on it a minute go to appearance themes and I’m going to click on
add new and I’m been a search for Astra here is the Astra Theme I’m just going to quickly
click on install and then I’m in a go ahead and click on activate some to go ahead and
click on save changes and now we’ve gone ahead and created this flat rate shipping option
right here and this is where you’d also want to add in a free shipping option if you wanted
to do that now I’m going to link to this article on the WooCommerce website right here specifically
on table rate shipping so that you can read through it if you wanted to create some more
complex rules for shipping your products either around your country or around the world there’s
an article here that walks you through it’s a tutorial article that walks you through
table rate shipping this would probably be a good topic for a key and secret key you
put that in there and this allows you to run tests on your payment gateway just make sure
when you’re running tests and you verify they work that you disabled this test mode because
people have gone live with their e-commerce site and they forgot to take it out of test
mode and let’s just say it’s quite a disaster here’s some additional information on how
it’s going to look on your website here’s an interesting option when you enable this
it wouldn’t be your standard check out for putting in your credit card it will actually
be in little pop-up that strike generates to collect the credit card information the
nice thing was stripe and also PayPal wins with PayPal PayPal source the payment details
and this is you no credit cards or things of that nature same as stripe of someone purchases
with stripes that information the credit card and all that information you’re not actually
storing it on your website she really don’t have a liability there and then right here
you have some additional options for how stripe will look on your website it is so easy to
get stripe working with your website so that’s good to be our checkout and payment option
let’s go ahead and click on accounts so this is where you’re going to tell WooCommerce
which page on your website is the account page for your customers so when your customers
login to your website or they can click on my accounts and what happens is they’ll have
to log in they could see some information like recent orders and things of that nature
and so this is going to tell WooCommerce which page on your WordPress website


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  • Garris

    Thanks for the great content! Subscribed and hit the bell without hesitation. Quick question, around 5:50 you mention "you don't wanna install Astra sites on a live site, which is why I recommend flywheel etc…" – so does that mean that we are watching you create something in a vacuum right now, which you will later replace your live site with? I am currently running a basic site live that I have little attachment to & will be recreating once I have my shop / products / new campaign promo stuff ready to go. Just started the woocommerce process today, and still have to get my merch and initial campaign set up before I start driving traffic there.

    Will there be any issues if I just go ahead and follow through with what your tutorial recommends? I don't care of the current site is obliterated. Should I just delete everything beforehand?

  • sunny sehrawat

    I would like to create a dispatch email for my customers. I was going through woocommerce extensions and the custom email option was there…but it was expensive so i was wondering if you can help me set up a custom dispatch email for free?

  • Generical Center

    Hello . can you help me please. woocommerce my account page won't display. everything is fine the permalink to the page too. but it won't display. i'm on a wamp local server on shopisle pro theme. when i installed a fresh wordpress with the them woocommerce do display the page. how can i fix it? it directs me to a page saying: This site can not be accessed, localhost Refused to connect

  • Laws Of Knitting

    Adam, At about 35:15 you mentioned always doing a test payment to make sure I am getting paid. How do I do that please? I tried to purchase something and it wouldn't let me. The notice said the sender and receiver can't have the same email address. I am not live yet, but I want to test the payment before going live.

  • ruben esquivel

    If I decide to upgrade to the pro version will I have to start over building my website as far as loading my products, description, etc?

  • lebohang neo

    Good day

    I would like my customers to be able to check out individual items of variations and the system must calculate the price based on their selection. Let me give you an example. I sell graduation regalia. If a customer only wants a hood or a gown. He should be able to check out and pay for that single item without being forced to select other variations. Also, if he wants other items of the set, the price should be calculated (added) and displayed as he makes selections. So, if he chooses a hood and a gown, the price should update accordingly. At the moment, my system does not allow you to add to cart if you have not selected other attributes. Please advise how I can solve this problem.

    Kind regards
    LZ Neo

  • VicLeonTV

    First off, Great video! Question: When the customer goes to purchase something on the website for a 2nd time he has to re-input all of his Credit Card information again. Is there not a way for the system to save the credit card information so that the customer doesn't have to put his card information every time he orders?

  • Liliana Domingues

    Hi Adam, great video as always. Thank you so much for what you are doing it´s a great job. I have an issue. I am making a website where I used your Generate Press theme since I wanted to have online courses on the website. The thing is that I also want to sell some products, so I am creating an online shop. Since I install LMS for the online courses I am using your Generate Press theme. So, I didn't install Astra. I am trying to create the online shop but what happens is that the Cart Page and the Check Out page are there but they are empty. I don't have the content that you show in these pages. Is that because I am not using Astra theme? Is there any way that I could have an e-shop and LMS on the same website? Thank you Adam. Really appreciate your help.

  • Maria J. Bradshaw

    Thank you for the easy to follow and understand video. Is there any video of yours how to use it with DIVI theme ?

  • Maria J. Bradshaw

    The instruction is clear, BUT, THE PROBLEM is that when I downloaded the woocommerce plugin IT IS A DIFFERENT VERSION THAN YOU ARE SAYING "NEW VERSION" …. VERY ANNOYING… different menu for example. etc. 🙁

  • King Maker

    Sir..your video is great about woocommerce online store. But please make a new video that how to do paid membership for a dating or discussion forum website by using stripe or woocommerce. Morover, please also teach us that as the Admin of website how we can do backend management of all users profiles and payments by approving or declining users profiles in an easy style like Bootstrap or AdminLTE style. Thanks

  • Ahmed Imam

    Nice tutorial Mr. Adam, just one question since I'm new to WooCommerce and WordPress too. once the customers are done with their order, how can the owner view the orders to ship it to them, isnt there a page to receive orders?? thanks

  • Андрей Марсин

    It's cool, but if you add ecommerce to the current site, this tutorial is not suitable. DNK breaks all the theme.

  • Carl Mikal

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  • The Steffy

    Hi. Thank you for the great tutorial. The version has already changed a little since the recording. I found my way around still based on what you covered. However I do not see the sidebar even though the setting shows it enabled. This was a fresh install on a new site. Any ideas?

  • Elio Pineda

    Hi Adam, greetings from Venezuela. I have been learning a lot thanks to you and i see many good results with clients. But now i have 1 client that he only wants to have a comparison website, only comparison of products, not linked to another sites for buying. Can you help me?

  • Jacob Sharp

    I'm having a hard time with the menu categories linking to my product categories. This has to be something obvious I'm missing, but after pulling my hair out for the past hour I'm giving in and posting a comment. Any links to help with this one?

  • Brandon

    Hey I have a problem at the moment. I have created my elementor site, however I am using woocommerce too. I have created most pages will elementor, however, the woocommerce pages are not customisable. An example is the category page for my products. I click on suits for example and it takes me to a page, this is a page i can not edit with elementor and it makes the site much less professional and the pages, navigation bar etc do not match as all of this stuff has been made in elementor. Do you know a way to customise the woocommerce pages such as the category pages using elementor? At the moment its just using the theme and it's looking really ugly. Please help.

  • Yash Saxena

    I'm using "Sydney Free" theme for my WordPress website and I need to use WooCommerce for my products page. Will Sydney Free theme be enough or will I have to buy the pro version of it?

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  • Thrifty Guru

    Hi Adam. I am using Astra Pro, Elementor Pro and Woo. I have the Woo Catalog Visibility plug in because most of my products are external/affiliate link products. Thanks for this video bc I plan to add virtual product so I need to set up the eCommerce part of the store. I have been trying to find the best way to capture buyer data before they leave the site to buy the external product. The vendor who is getting the sale is getting their info and I want them added to my list. So I have been exploring a way to capture this when they click the buy now button but before they leave. Any suggestions? Thanks 🙂

  • Kathrin Lindner

    Hi Adam, first of all, I love your tutorials! Question regarding the video template, does this theme allow to hide the header / footer and build one with Elementor Pro instead? I haven't worked with Astra yet, and would prefer Elementor Pro, as I am more familiar with this and also as they offer the user login option. Thanks in advance!


    Hi Adam, I have recently started using WordPress and your youtube channel has been so much help. I have a question though about woocommerce. Are Divi themes compatible with woocommerce, I am planning on getting the lifetime plan and I was wondering if there might be a problem with the woocommerce plug in?

  • Jake Wood

    Hi Adam, Great Tutorials – Have a question about Astra Pro – Is it URL specific or can I purchase it once and use it on to create a few WordPress sites? I have a few URLs and want to update all of them to WordPress and Astra – Thanks Jake

  • Sean Danconia

    Question: Could you please recommend a plugin for instant shipping quotes based on dimensions (shipping art)—thanks Adam!

  • Stephen Leathwaite

    Hi Great Video… Im building as we speak. im pretty new to ecom building. but video is cool thank you.. I do have one issue right now and that is the woocommerce sidebar Widget on the store isnt there.. its all footer widgets. so there is no search function on the store front.. Any help would be appreciated

  • Come On Now

    Anyone have any tips on how to easily change CSS with this method of Astra+WooCommerce? I looked at WooCommerce and it's template files are lacking CSS and Astra seems to only want to update if you add CSS through the Customizer, which is not my preferred way to work. I'd rather just type everything in one place where it's nice and easy to read in my IDE: styles.css.

  • Tony Darbyshire

    Very good, as usual, Adam, thank you.

    I’m using BB with the Generate Press theme as I already own the licences for both. Can you advise me if the concepts you speak of in this tutorial apply much the same with BB and GP?

    Also, I’m helping a friend who offers physics tuition to senior students about to take their exams; they do their courses by topic and charge a daily rate for each subject a student chooses to attend. Or they offer the whole course as a ‘bundle’. Can you advise me if Woo Commerce is the best option to do this type of sale, or is there a better option that focuses on ‘Education’ as opposed to general merchandise like shoes/clothes etc?

    Great videos. Thank you for taking your time to make them. 👍

  • T M

    HI i have followed this and love how simple you make it. on the store page i can not get the side bar to show up why is this and can you tell me how to show it please. It shows in gents and ladies pages

  • Kasra Moghaddam

    I like to use this to get my blog traffic buy the book on my site, then would go to my personal Amazon account and pay to ship to people would that be a good idea??

  • Adnan Abbas

    Hi, thank you for the great video. I made a "Cart" and "Checkout" page. when I click add to cart, it adds in but won't display on the CART or CHECKOUT page. Please help.

  • McFish 86

    Great videos as always, would it be possible for tutorial more in depth on say: How to add and show category descriptions, so when you click on the category is does not just show the products, but a description of that category, whether at the top or bottom. If you go to most major ecommerce website they all show the category
    description on the page as well as the products. No one ever shows this in tutorials and its an important area for SEO purposes.

    Love all your videos, top stuf, it would just be great to see more in depth showing things like the above as no-one shows these tupe of things.

  • Christian Israel

    Hi Adam, I guess I would ask how you can add the cart, shop, and account signup page when you aren't using a specific shopping theme for woocommerce?

  • Buff Chicky

    Quick question. I have the Maintenance Mode on – if I import this site will it sit in the background so that I can work and not mess with my Maintenance page that is visible to anyone visiting my website?

  • Buff Chicky

    Hi, btw, I reached out to Astra and they shared that "Maintenance Mode" should not be affected when you use this theme that says "Live". I am going to test it out today on one of my websites that I like to play in, lol. I will let you know. I can't wait to try it because this looks AMAZING! Thank you! 🙂

  • Buff Chicky

    YES! The Maintenance Mode On" is still evident while on the back end I can work on this beautiful website! Woot! Woot! You have no idea how happy this makes me. Thanks Adam. I will certainly be upgrading to Astra Pro in the near future. They have some beautiful themes. 🙂 I'm a happy girl right about now, lol.

  • trudy vlot

    I like your tutorials, they work (for me). But I have a question about this tutorial, I followed you, did the same actions, but now I want to delete the 'Brand Store'. How am I going to do so? I want an ecommerce IN my astra site, not instead. Now the 'brand store' has "overruled" all my other pages

  • R Taylor

    What if it’s delivery and not shipping? And the delivery is to restricted areas, those areas have different delivery fees.

  • FKtdyvan 2016

    Use of WooCommerce, Elementor, Astra, and Astra Sites, and Brand Store Theme

    I watched your video entitled “WooCommerce Tutorial – For WordPress eCommerce Online Stores (2018 NEW VERSION) where you recommend the use of WooCommerce, Elementor, Astra, Astra Sites, and the Brand Store Theme for the development of an E-Commerce Shop. You do a great job of explaining how the store features can be worked on and adjusted including other aspects such as the payment methods, shipping, and taxes. However, in the video, I did not see the part where you explain the features of the Brand Store theme and how to configure, organize, and setup items such as the menu and pages, as you did in your similar video that used a different theme with WooCommerce. The menu for the site was created for me when I installed and activated the Brand Store theme, but the menu items that appear in the Dashboard do not correspond to the menu items at the front end of the website. Therefore, I am not happy with the way the Brand Store theme organizes the website menu. I wish that you have a video where you explain how to deal with the issues referred to above when working with WooCommerce and the Brand Store theme. I am using Local by Flywheel to develop my E-Commerce Shop to develop my online store.

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWSb-aWovqE&t=3777s

  • Draw Technic

    Great video, i followed the steps and set up my store. I did a test order to myself and found that there's no confirmation page to say my order has gone through successfully, I will have to play around with it a bit to get it working.

  • Profit Boosters

    Wow! What an indepth tutorial. It does sound like a lot to do. But I am sure it I do it a little at a time, it won't be so overwhelming. Thank you for the info.

  • Arianna Mojica

    Adam… I followed this tutorial and added Woo Commerce after following your course site tutorial. For some reason when I try to edit My Store Elementor does not want to load. I have to make changes in 'safe mode'. Is there another plugin I need. I saw in another one of your videos someone asked and you mentioned a LifterLMS Woo Extension plugin but I do not see that in the plugins area as a option. Any suggestions? Thank you so much.

  • Ismail Besim Emirmahmutoglu

    Hey, Adam!

    Thanks for all the magnificent tutorials. I watched them all and am making great use of each and every one of them.
    This might not be the right media to ask a question, so please accept my sincere apologies in advance.

    I would like to ask you something about the "Shipping class cost" which you've mentioned at 29:32

    I have a fixed S/H fee of $5.00 up to 5 items purchased on my store.
    But, I want to add $0.50 for each item after the 5th item.
    i.e.: S/H should be $6.50 for 8 items, which is the result of 5.00 + (0.50 * 3)

    As far as I understand, the total, in this calculation, would be $9.00, which is the result of 5.00 + (0.50 * 8)

    Under the "Flat rate Settings", is there a way I would define a "Shipping class cost" that will add $0.50 * [extra qty over 5]

    I would be very pleased if you could kindly respond when you have time to.

    Thanks very much.

  • Maker Garage

    ARRRRHHHHHH!!! HOLY SHITBALLS!!! ITS Dr EVIL!!!!!!! FIRE THE LAAAAAAAZZZZZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cliff Diseker

    Hey Adam. Great video. I need a tip please. I installed Woo Commerce plugin on my Elementor/Astra site as you described.
    in trying to connect with my fulfillment center I get this error

    Connect to WooCommerce

    Connection to WooCommerce failed. We couldn't get information about your WooCommerce installation at https://mydomain.com/wc-api/v3/. Please make sure the API and permalinks are enabled for your site.

    Minimum WooCommerce version is 3.0. We are trying to access the following endpoint url: https://mydomain.com/wc-api/v3/

    What do I do to fix this please?

  • Fernanda Llanos

    Thank you so much for all your videos. I really appreciate your work. I have a landing page where I'm about to start selling just TWO educational courses, so I would like to ask you if you recommend installing: Contact Form 7 – PayPal & Stripe Add-on for the payment or is it better to install Woocomerce plugin and WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway? Thank you.

  • Cyndi Kirkpatrick

    I didn't like Astra because I kept hitting small bugs, right from the beginning. I uninstalled it, deleted it, then installed an expensive premium theme – which didn't work at all as it should. Research revealed Astra is hard to uninstall and was causing problems despite the uninstall. I would not recommend Astra to anyone.

  • Raymond Oickle

    Hi Adam, I had a question about external/affiliate products. I am using Viral Style as a POD supplier, (only with Shopify, and I dislike Shopify) and they don't have a woocommerce integration. So would the external/affiliate products be the answer for my product selection when setting up my products?

  • Mark Murphy

    I know this is an old video (especially in the world of WordPress and coding in general).

    I'd say Elementor alongside Jet / CrocoBlock is a game changer.

    Recently invested in a few listing, classified and similar themes. Just don't need them now myself. EM Pro when used with some additional tools is now that powerful.

    WC is easy to use but was never very user-friendly when it came to theming.

  • Elizabeth's BeautyGlam

    You are seriously such a blessing to my life!!🙏🏼😭💕 thank you I needed this to move forward !

    Question how do you remove the logo on the header ? I have a logo like that that I haven’t been able to get rid of 😭

  • Gemma da Silva

    Is it still necessary to install the Stripe Payment Gateway plugin with Woocommerce when it now lets you set it up within the standard Woocommerce plugin?

  • Fortino Gutierrez

    I did learn a lot that helped. But i started my website and pit in a lot of work before i started setting up my store so i dont have the product catagories side bar and its really bothering me

  • The Dumas Group

    Thank you so much for taking the time to include a table of contents. In learning from your 'How To Make A Sales Funnel' tutorial, I needed more direction re product setup. This helped me connect the dots seamlessly. Thanks again & Thanks once more for sharing!

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