WW2 MILITARY COLLECTION FOUND! I bought an abandoned storage unit and found this

whoo ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
of all ages we here back again and again and again we keep coming back with
another unboxing we are here at a unit I paid $575 for I bought this unit for
Alex at the auction cuz he told me buy me something I don’t have anything to
sell and then I bought it for him he’s like Mike I don’t like that unit I was
like why I came in for this unit I bought it for you but nonetheless he
didn’t want it then I try to let Scott have it because Scott did not want this
unit for some reason he said only pay 200 bucks I said cool then I guess I’ll
do it my damn self guys and so here we are let’s see if we I want to hit a
jackpot today just so I could be like guys I tried giving you guys this
jackpot you didn’t want it that’s my goal today so without further ado let’s
get started and see what’s inside this unit before we do that don’t forget to
the like button the share button the share button and say some pretty like
soft princess you are the most beautiful young lady in the entire world and I’m
glad you’re there with your father ain’t that right that’s it
she says I’m always always this or all right right off the bat I’m gonna
tell you guys right now I came for this unit they had a photo of it on the
website it’s not a very big units a ten by ten
it looks half full you can see right off the bat but it kind of looks a little
bit rifled through it looks like somebody came in here years ago like
maybe not that I could be tripping but some people pack differently than other
that’s why it’s hard to tell to you really getting it but you see the box is
open there you see that one’s kind of sealed but the other side is open you
see stuff thrown around you just see it but what is I like if you guys know me
right now comment below what am i listed turn-ons include comment below if you
know what got me when I’m sitting here and I’m looking as I see this right here
you can see that this is sealed nobody’s touched it see nothing no dust this was
me because I wiped it off when I came here and I bought it but if you see that
it’s sealed right there 170 899 it’s a towable inflatable tube it goes
behind a boat or a jetski type situation but I’ll have to bet that’s Brandon
blocks and they left that there you see a black case that could be jewelry it
could be a like a camera it could be uh guns oh I didn’t even see that it looked
like a welder right there I didn’t even see that you see a $50 ladder anyway
let’s get going I think it’s gonna be a good one
sorry guys you should I try to give it to you I’m gonna say now it’s a good one
you guys missed it I think we’ll save this for eBay right wait what is that
that’s the inner tooth like you know when you go behind a boat Oh scorpions in my life my early days I
was playing overwatch yeah Wow joke’s on you wouldn’t that be funny
yeah I tried to give away a million dollars
and they wouldn’t take it I bought an abandoned storage unit that’s a good
title I think I was almost I’ve never seen a sky good job don’t take it personal you’re looking for the Montblanc pins
and every you know anova pan is the part about gloves it sucks that’s kind of
weird I’m quite certainly the Bailey’s all
right so far they’re winning in this why they didn’t it says Grace Parkin parson grace parson
that’s a sign on the back you get a good clothes man it looks kind of cool
because the quality of this part here that usually means older framing the way
that’s dimensions or symbol the painting itself doesn’t scream to me quality kind
of looks like something that you know I did a little bit no offense parson but
this could be very valuable this looks like a plain error oil painting did you
get it closer to this micromachines or this GI Joe not GI Joe this could be few
bucks glass got boy guys tomorrow if anybody else knows comment below we
appreciate when you guys know this house yeah we think about that we got
punctured we’re on a blacker than cool this business wanted to do you hope you keep an eye out for the
corporate has some cool stuff you can glue down we’ll have to have our stamps
I look at that stamp a oh it was damn good you guys everything why you bugging me let’s see what this story is here post
office department 1958 Veterans of Foreign Wars reference is made to your
claim for compensation benefit war Oh large they were in a lodge
weakly oh sweet baby Jebus what I just saw check baby check baby want we don’t want
to film too much personal stuff then he will get a little closer yeah I know a
guy he bought a homeless man soon and he found like 250 grand in a washing
machine 1997 Texas hopes to finish Amelia
Earhart’s final flight Wow we got that Noritake up in here what is
it nope create that is creative get it got teeth lips tea party all right we
almost got a cool box there’s like the first almost full box waring that’s actually pretty nice
flooring set that it’s a ring that’s positive right now
birthday dinner 170th Marines I like that when we found that cremated body
and recently at the flea market yeah they’re not girders they’re made in
West Germany what I always teach about what Germany versus regular Jimmy well beans that are made in Westerly do
not hold as much significant value or monetary value generally experience from we’re gonna look at this at the end cuz
it’s gonna take a little time to look at that what do we love our military don’t
we will look at that at the end we’ll look at lateral detail I love black and
white photos just fun to show everybody who sterling silver sterling silver
we’re gonna show you guys autos cool black and whites here towards the end
this video I wanna get going on it I’m gonna be returned to the people but will
still like to do them vintage postcards not a Rolex we got hot pepper potts a
big pop I said oh really did you stand over the blue phones complex today
Native American American France look it’s you sing this is made in China
don’t have to have that with you it’s not like a nice Chinese artists would
like you would call made in China that right there though where have the
Buffalo gone hmm this here this screams oh look at them
that’s actually pretty good look at the coloration of the words see how good of
a job you did on those I like the way the words look what do you think I think
that’s money bro those are pretty cool bro
it says well bro heaven these are neat how’s it pretty good yeah that looked at
see beyond talked about let me ransack this unit a decade ago let’s not forget to ask the manager how
long a Roman air vacuum master looks freakin brand new high voltage high
performance vacuum pump robertson vacuum master this good darn near be the money
back want to look it up real quick we’re looking at it probably 200 on ebay so
probably get like a hundred hundred fifty at the flea market still not bad that’s just the old vintage piece that
might be I hope you probably one of the last
things we get who sounds heavy doesn’t it hear that love it I just made my
whole mood God enjoy this could be cool oh we’re getting crumbs egg got away you
can’t get for your whiskey we’ll set that aside
wow this is starting to get intriguing we got here I always say stuff like that Oh Snoopy this could be valuable can
easily determine that down then that’s signature you know how might give this
to you don’t know who likes Snoopy who do I know that like Snoopy my bestie somebody’s somebody’s somebody’s like quite searching quite
certain that this is for the person who passed away from their service in our
military to make videos on YouTube our medic unit and component analyzer Wow
Annie looks like a core item have that lift up automotive air conditioner GM
service tools interesting that could be money to look this up this one’s heavy
whatever this could be money right here what is this Oh baby girl know much about these things because I’m
not quite I’m not a tool expert but Robert Air refrigerator recovery unit
model 25 200 a this could pay for the end the first one I thought was kind of
wood but I think this one right here this could possibly pay for the end
there’s one tool that is awesome now I’m a little bit excited because we’ve seen
enough that I think the unit’s gonna be in the profit but with that being said
we’re going to end this video because we got things to do we’re gonna finish this
video up later those units and don’t forget you’re gonna want to stay tuned
you’re gonna see all this stuff plus I’m gonna do a quick run-through of the
military photos that I found in there and as well there’s a Trump these are
cool photos this is some sports team right here at set 33 so they don’t look
like they’re very good okay this not very milky you know you
can’t cap just personal stuff from this guy’s key steering my ship why he looks
so weird back would you look weird 1943 March 23rd here he goes another one took
a year for my 21st 1944 I look like somebody I know tell he does
maybe lucky to find even a star it’s not a TV star town looks like him or a movie
star it is Tobias
yeah it would seem Tobias in a while you know fighting over something now
frightened more oh you mean smarter what this guy knows the last guy we got from
the world war two I think they had somebody do it for look at that photo
there’s a peel if there’s a person hurt right there see this man be no
instruction this is crazy I can’t find a tank in a storage unit if
we found a tank I’m so driving it like I’m going to 7-eleven to get coffee in
my tanks and we ever find one in the storage unit did a dog who’s guns
look at all those like have you find the pile like that I could have been the
boss all right we had a little bit of flavor
there all right cool there is a trunk that I don’t have time to get to today
so we got to get through all this but I appreciate ya’ll watching blessings I
love you salt princess say bye bye your eyes
should be green today my eyes are green yeah they’re green so blue today

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