#ZaprBytes | Sagar Pruthi – Senior Manager, Product Marketing – Flipkart
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#ZaprBytes | Sagar Pruthi – Senior Manager, Product Marketing – Flipkart

I think big data in today’s day and age
is really helping sh ape, you know, new age marketing managers and to be used into strategy. So I’d like to talk about a couple of specific
points, I think one would be the power of deterministic data and how it’s actually
changing marketing campaigns and efforts. So it’s not like a once size free for all
approach kind of thing anymore. So now what we can do is we can create sort
of personalized campaigns and marketing activities directed towards different sets of users. You and I might be from the same age group
and the same demographic but out interests, our choices, our likes, etc. would be varied. So this way now marketers today can reach
out to you and me at different channels and expose us to different sorts of creatives
and information about their products.

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