Zero Risk Way to Make Thousands of Dollars Every Month Online
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Zero Risk Way to Make Thousands of Dollars Every Month Online

what’s going on guys welcome to the
video so today I got another great tutorial of cashback arbitrage and a
cashback website test song calm that you can utilize to get free products and
also very very cheap products if you want to you know experience all of those
you can get very very cheap products as well I personally just use this as a
cashback website to get free products and then you can utilize this website to
get those free products to your door and then resell them back on online like
sites like Poshmark Macari ebay i don’t recommend you resell them back on amazon
like i covered in the last tutorial because you don’t want to risk your
account on the actual websites it’s not against Amazon’s Terms of Service but it
is against the websites Terms of Service and you can also have multiple accounts
I’ll show I’ll get into all that and show that to you here in a second but
you can utilize tests on and any of the other cashback websites that we’ve
covered on this channel to make money by flipping free products that you’re
getting because you’re getting rebates and cashback from these websites and
then reselling them back online for a hundred percent profit margin so tests
on is a great place that you can do this as well if you haven’t checked out any
of the other cashback arbitrage tutorials I’ll make sure to link that
down in the description at the very very bottom if you want to go ahead at any
point in time at where after this video and check out some of the other
tutorials some of the other ones that come to mind are like rebate key extreme
rebate there’s a but there’s a bunch of them on strong blanks there’s so many
websites in my mind nowadays and cashback base are some of the other ones
that come to mind along with tests on but there are a bunch just do your
research so as you can see here here we are on the home page right here and
there are a number of basically deals and you can sort this latest you can
sort this test their price examples all over the place but I’m not gonna sort it
I’m gonna actually show you in the back end here how you actually go ahead and
go through this but I just want to show you different examples of products that
you can potentially buy get four three once you have a cashback obviously
getting your rebate back and then resell them for a hundred percent margin okay
so for example let’s say you bought these bands what you would do is you’d
go buy these bands for $35.99 on Amazon and then you would get a thirty five
ninety nine dollar rebate back on this website directly to your PayPal and boom
now you have a free product worth $35.99 – then
resell back on other sites like Poshmark Macari and ebay for a hundred percent
profit margin right so even if you don’t sell this back on those four $35.99
but maybe you sell it back for $19.99 well then after fees you’re probably
gonna still net fifteen bucks so that’s a free fifteen bucks just for buying
this getting the rebate and then reselling it back on the other websites
right now I’m generally speaking you can kind of mix and match the retail price
so if this sells for $35.99 generally speaking it’s gonna be valued at about
$35.99 on those other websites as well because obviously these these are your
the majority of them you’re buying from Amazon that’s not always the case
sometimes you can mop sometimes you’ll have to mark them down and you know you
can play around those things you’ll learn more as you do it more so me
specifically I probably would resell this one maybe back on Poshmark Mercouri
and eBay if I wants to spend from eBay for you know $19.99 right so it’s a
little bit of a markdown some of the other ones you can sell you know for a
higher price so there are often ones that I buy for like 10 bucks or 15 bucks
and our resale for like $19.99 or 25 bucks and then you know it’s just an
indicator of the potential worth of that product right here’s another example you
can buy this sticker on wallet for the back of your cellphone to hold your
cards or your money for $13.99 right then you’re gonna get a thirteen ninety
nine rebate because your price is $0 so you’re paying $13.99 on amazon you’re
submitting the order ID number on tests on then you’re gonna review it another
reason why you don’t want to actually buy these and resell them back on amazon
and then you obviously get the refund back after you submit the order ID and
the review and boom you have a free product to resell worth about thirteen
ninety nine so imagine imagine guys if you didn’t
just do this with one or two products but you actually turn this into a
legitimate business you would make a lot a lot of money with zero risk because
there’s no risk whatsoever if you’re spending some money to get this then
you’re getting your money back so then you have three products to resell and
you can scale that up very very easily now another way that I’ve covered in
other tutorials and I won’t get too too much into this that you can scale this
up imagine if you’re buying let’s just hypothetically say you’re buying a
couple hundred products and right and you’re getting all your money
back so you’re practically netting even so you have a couple hundred products to
resell so you’re gonna make all the money from those couple hundred products
reselling all those back on other platforms and then on top of that you’re
also gonna make you know five to six percent cash back on all your Amazon
purchases by using a cash back credit card so there are great ways that you
can scale this up obviously I cover them in depth in a lot of my tutorials and I
cover them in droves in my online arbitrage Pro version 2 of the course if
any of you guys want to get in that too I’m gonna drop another 50% off link
first link in the description will be a 50% off link to online arbitrage Pro for
anyone that wants to go ahead and claim that in the last video I did an other
coupon links as well for five people and they were claimed fairly quickly so it
seems like there’s a good demand for the coupon link so I’m going to do it one
more time in this video so first link in the description 50% off online
arbitrage Pro if you go ahead and you click the link and for whatever reason
it says the coupon is expired or you know the coupon link doesn’t bee doesn’t
seem to you know drop the price at all that just means that five people have
already claimed the coupon codes so let me show you an example of the back end
now obviously I am NOT Tom Jones or this has me as Jones Tom it should be Tom
Jones it’s weird but I have a number and this is not just true for tests on this
is true for all practically all not all but the majority of the websites of my
online arbitrage pro course the majority of the cash back web sites the majority
of the the coupon websites the majority of the liquidation all those other
things Rhett I have multiple accounts on all of those okay so Tom Jones is one of
my aliases but I have a number of other ones so I wanted to jump in and show you
an example of a new up because a lot of people when they when they talk about
tests on it’s different from some of the other cashback websites in that you need
to kind of rank your account right so what you want to do is you want to go to
search for products and once this loads I’m going to show you exactly what I
mean right so search for products and you see
here that these they have these little things right here right you have 2022
tests available so the red indicates how many actual reviewers they actually need
or testers they like to call it they actually need for that product and the
zero up here this is often a different number so is the the red obviously but
the blue circle indicates how much experience you
need to be able to claim it right so with an exit to give me an example right
rebate key you’re limited and that’s another cashback website with rebate key
you’re limited to how many claims you have per day right with extreme rebate
you are limited to how many claims you have per you know what your reviewer
level is right with cashback base you’re limited to the amount of currency that
you’ve earned and I forget the exact term that they use for currency but it’s
like it’s like spending your points right so you are limited to how many
claims you have by how many points you have in your account and you can get in
earn points by you know reviewing and buying stuff and etc etc etc well with
tests on it’s a little bit different so you need to earn experience and the way
that you earn experience is by reviewing things and buying things on the site so
when one of the push backs that I get when I recommend tests on to some of the
students that you know are just getting into this right I say go to tests on and
they say well with tests done it looks like you need some experience but there
are a number of other products on here that you can see you can buy and this is
how you get started you can buy with no experience so generally speaking the
better deals and the better products are going to come with some more experience
down here but look at all these I’m still sorting through and there’s a
number of other ones here all the way scroll down that you can get with zero
experience but if you scroll down and you continue going eventually you’re
going to get two great products that you need more experience to you know
potentially claim okay so the reason I’m telling you that is because there is an
opportunity here to buy a lot of these products rank your account and gain that
experience so that you can then go in and buy a lot of the better products and
make even more money once you’re skilled okay there’s a
version of this for every cashback website it’s a little bit different but
it’s the same overall idea the more you buy products and get cash back and then
review them the better your account will rank and then the more deals and better
deals you will be able to claim in the future okay so there are a number of
freaking deals here as you can see right the I can buy one of these bike helmets
$23.99 and I get my request back now the tests so order are basically when I
request something it comes into my tests to order okay and I’m gonna give you an
example of some things here this site seems to be a little bit slow today so
right here these are examples of products that I’ve requested to order
and I can be go ahead and hit order and purchase them
and then I submit my order ID in here right and then it’s gonna go into tests
in process so if we cook tests and process and request basically is the
request that you haven’t heard back yet from when you go in to search products
okay so these are examples of two ones that I literally purchased already that
I submitted the order ID four so boom I spent $39.99 on this this stereo
turntable right I submitted the order ID and then as soon as it comes to my to my
house I’m gonna wait you know maybe three two maybe two to three days
depending on how long I want to wait you don’t always want to wait two days but
sometimes I review them right away sometimes I wait like five days it’s
kind of like sporadic right you want to seem like a normal reviewer you don’t
want to review everything the moment that you get it right
so when I review this I will then submit the review once it’s published and I’ll
hit I’ll submit it invalidate right here same thing with this right here right
the Hallowed Halloween LED light right so I have already bought these I have
them already listed on Macari and Poshmark and I’m going to sell them on
Merck Arion Poshmark for whatever I make right and then whatever I sell them for
minus the fees is 100% profit then obviously in the meantime I’m going to
review these on Amazon I’m going to submit my order ID which I’ve already
done and then I’m gonna submit my review and boom I will get a paypal reef on
back to my PayPal so then I’ve netted even buying this and getting the refund
I will get experience on tests on so that I can buy other products and more
products in the future that are potentially better and you know just I
have more claims in general and on top of that then I will make the money from
my cash back card that I’ve used to purchase this so that’s like what forty
bucks almost sixty bucks right there so 5% or
6% of 60 bucks on cash back whatever that is and you can scale that out you
know to thousands of dollars every month that I’m spending and then I’m coming
back to make you know practically a thousand dollars just in cash back by
using a cash back credit card okay and I pay that credit card off with all the
paypal refunds that I get and boom I’m making money on the cash back and then
I’m making money selling these on other websites so utilize tests on guys I am
NOT bullshitting you people people hop on these tutorials and they’re like oh
that’s a great idea you know I want to implement that but then they
don’t take the action and they don’t implement it take a risk right you don’t
need to go out and spend thousands of dollars bet on yourself you don’t need
to go out and spend thousands of dollars like I am or you know you know to prove
the concept right go out buy one or two products get your money back get the
cash back list them on those sites that I’ve alluded to and you will see that it
works for you and then once you see that it works for
you maybe then you come back and then you spend a grand on products right and
you scale it up to make more money and turn this into a real business maybe
once you see that it works for you you’re inspired to buy so you know
shameless plug online arbitrage pro link in the description
50% off link for the first five people that claim it and once you see that it
works it will inspire you to take that action or buy the course you know I’m
out I’m not out here you’re gonna try to pitch every single video please buy my
course please know I’m giving you value that you can utilize whether you buy the
course or not utilize this implement it you will see that it works for you it is
free money free sales online with zero financial risk okay and then if you
enjoy the value then come back and maybe we’ll talk so I’m gonna end today’s
video I really really hope that you guys got value out of it if you liked the
video hit the like button drop a comment I really really appreciate it it really
goes a long way to you know help this video rank in the YouTube algorithm and
with that being said I’ll see you in the next one


  • Kevin J Pineau

    Thanks Brian. I love learning about new ways to make money online and learning from other YouTube creators . Great advice

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  • logosi ismyname

    Wow, great Tut. I'm one of those who has watched but haven't taken action. Think I'll try this one and with Q4 here, could be lucrative. Thanks much.

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    Hi Bryan, thanks so good video. How many reviews am I allowed to write and not block my buyer account? Can I use the same address to sign up multiple buyers account?

  • BodyInBeta

    Good video. I have a few questions. I assume there are PayPal fees when Testzon pays you back? Also, any blowback from Amazon with this type of positive reviews? I mean Amazon has to think something is up when you start spamming dozens of 5-star reviews weekly don't they?

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    Hey Bryan are you selling these items as (used) on the other sites since they were opened up and tested before you reviewed them?

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