Zoom your product images – OpenCart extension
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Zoom your product images – OpenCart extension

In today’s tutorial I’m going to show you
how to install Magic Zoom Plus in OpenCart. At the moment the product image looks flat. So I want to change that from this to this. See how the image completely changes by having
a zoom effect. Add to that the enlarged option and the image
looks really impressive. To get this effect you need to go to the Magic
Toolbox website. You can also use this video tutorial to install
Magic Zoom, Magic Thumb, Magic Magnify Plus and Magic Magnify because the process is exactly
the same. For this tutorial we’re going to install Magic
Zoom Plus, so if you go to the main product page, you’ll see the OpenCart icon on the
right hand side which will take you to the Magic Zoom Plus for OpenCart page. Click the download button and save the zip
file to your computer. Extract all the files. And the magic zoom plus folder is what will
be uploaded to your server. I’m going to use FileZilla for this. Find the magic zoom plus folder on your computer
and upload it to the OpenCart directory on your server. This will take a few moments so pause the
video here and start again once your folder has uploaded. The files have now finished uploading and
you can see the magic zoom plus folder is showing here. Open a web browser for the next step of the
installation and enter your OpenCart website url and after it enter the zoom tool you’re
installing. In this case magic zoom plus. You’ll be taken to this page and all you have
to do is click Install and when that’s finished, click Continue. Ok, now that’s done, go to your OpenCart admin
panel. Click Extensions. Select Modules. You can see in the list your zoom tool is
now showing. To complete the installation, click Install. You can see an Edit option has appeared which
you need to click. This takes you to the Magic Zoom Plus settings
page. The last thing you need to do is Enable the
tool. And that’s it, Magic Zoom Plus is now installed. If you refresh your product page you’ll see
it in action. Remember to only upload large product images
as they’ll be used for the zoom and enlarge effects. OpenCart will automatically resize the large
images so they fit other areas of your website. Now that Magic Zoom Plus is installed let’s
make some changes. First we’ll change the zoom size. We’ll remove the Hint message. Change the expanding effect. And lastly we’ll change the background color
around the enlarged image. To do this, go to the Magic Zoom Plus settings
page. The first changes to make are in the Positioning
section where you’ll change the zoom size. Scroll down to the Zoomed Area Width option
and change this to from three hundred to five hundred. Then change the Zoomed Area Height to four
hundred. Next, scroll down to the Effects section and
change the Expanding Effect to Elastic and the Restoring Effect to Elastic also. Again scroll down, this time to the Background
section and change the Opacity to sixty, and change the background color from black to
red. For the last change, scroll down to the Hint
section. Here you can change what you want the Hint
text to say. Change the position, and the opacity. But for this example I’m going to remove the
Hint message altogether. Remember to Save all your changes. Now when you refresh your product page you
can see the zoom area is now bigger, the Hint message has gone, the Expand and Restore effects
are now elastic and the enlarged background color is red. There are so many simple customizations you
can make which look really effective. Try all the options on the Settings page and
see what works best for your OpenCart website. At the top of each page on our website is
a Contact Us link. So if you have any questions about any of
our tools, just get in touch. If we’re not online when you send your message
through, we’ll get back to you the very next day. And that brings us to the end of this tutorial. Thanks for watching.


  • Magic Toolbox

    All our extensions work not only on the product pages but all these pages:

    Product page
    Category page
    Home page boxes
    Featured box
    Best-seller box
    Latest products box
    Specials box

    After installing the module, go to the settings page and choose which pages the effect is applied to.

  • Magic Toolbox

    Hello Mayank! Magic Zoom Plus is a lifetime license fee, for £45. You can buy a license at http://www.magictoolbox.com/magiczoomplus/

  • Crimson_Proud_1

    Hello there,

    I would like to ask if this Module is compatible with OC version Also, the free trial..what is it about and fow how long is it actually "free"? Last but not least, is Magic Zoom Plus compatible with vqmode? Thanks in advance.

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